Attraction brings out the ‘crazy’, wild side in a woman. Any woman. No matter how neurotic, well-organized, restrained or well-behaved she may be, a woman who’s turned on gets a little wild.

So if you have to ask if a girl wants to sleep with you, then she probably doesn’t want to. Because if she does, it will be OBVIOUS.

  • She’ll poke you, touch you, punch you, try to wrestle with you
  • She’ll show a hell of a lot of initiative
  • She  will suddenly no longer have any work related stuff she urgently needs to attend to
  • She won’t be sleepy and won’t need to cut the night short, because she has to get up early. If she’s really into you she wants the night to never end
  • She’ll steer the conversation to sexy stuff, but perhaps in such a subtle way you won’t even realize
  • She’ll be high energy
  • If she’s very attracted and insecure she might freeze, but you will still spot her giddiness
  • She will talk. A LOT. She will talk your ear off.
  • She will be insecure and she might apologize a lot for stuff she doesn’t need to apologize for
  • Everybody knows this, but we’ll repeat it: She will laugh at your jokes.
  • She might say cruel things, if she likes you, but hates the fact that she’s attracted to you. Is this confusing? No, because if a girl doesn’t like you she will just totally avoid contact with you and never initiate a conversation.
  • She will initiate conversations.
  • If you offer to meet up, and she can’t, she’ll give you an alternative. If you ask to meet on Monday and she really can’t, she’ll offer to meet on Thursday. If she doesn’t like you, she’ll just explain why she can’t and give no alternative.
  • She’ll make a real effort to get to know you. She won’t just ask questions to be polite or friendly, her eyes will light up when she asks you something indicating that she really wants to know
  • Her questions will be much more personal
  • She’ll defend you against verbal attacks by others, even slightly negative comments towards you will trigger her defensive reaction
  • She’ll tease you
  • She will tell you what ex-boyfriends did wrong, so you’ll know what not to do
  • If you don’t make a move, she eventually will make the first move. That move can be subtle, like putting her head on your shoulder, or she can jump on your lap and put her breasts in your face
  • She might feel the need to tell her friends about you or to have female friends check you out
  • She’ll share stuff she doesn’t share with just anyone
  • Her body language will be open
  • She won’t avoid being physically close
  • When you walk next to her, she’ll often bump into you
  • She will fish for compliments
  • She’ll touch her hair a lot
  • She’ll be very conscious of her movements and how she looks
  • She could get a little clumsy around you
  • She’ll glady accept gifts from you AND give you at least one gift back
  • The clearest indication is that she will be kinda ‘hyper’, like a dam has broken, and she’s full of energy, ready for action, alert, upbeat, electric

The featured image is the work of Belgian-American artist Sarah Craig.