‘There’s only one pick-up line. Everything else is cheese.

Hi, what’s your name?’

Yes, this is the most superficial movie on this 150 favorite movies list.

But is it really all that superficial?

You can’t seduce a woman by using logic, you do it by playing a character, otherwise you’re fucked. Meaning you won’t be do any fucking. Except with your hand and a most towel.

It’s THE pick-up line.

It’s pure KISS.

Keep it simple, stupid.

In this movie you follow the adventures of Nicky.

You could say he’s a gigolo or a pick-up artist.

He’s brilliantly self-confident in this movie.

Hell, I would like to be that way. Forget about politics, forget about anything. Just be with be with women.

If I could forget about politics, if I could ignore my calling to help traumatized people, if I could stop writing, and if I were 1m85 tall and not 1m74, hell, who knows, I might leave everything behind, start working out in the gym like a maniac and do nothing else than chase after women and make a living that way. It’s possible. There are Australian guys over in Budapest who charge about 4,000 dollars to spend a weekend with them learning how to seduce women.

It’s a superficial piece of junk this movie. But it’s nicely edited, the actors are pretty and act well, and it does teach something about seduction, which is rare. There are almost no good movies about seduction out there.

If fairly-tales are about envisioning a world that would be nice to live in, well, then this is a movie that I wish I could live. I very nearly did years ago, but instead of going to parties to try and pick up women I have this almost self-destructive need to write about the hypocrisy of the US when it reports on Syria (bombed by a guy the US doesn’t like) and fails to report on Yemen (bombed by business partners of the US).

If you want to seduce women, study Nicky in Spread.

It’s fake and superficial, but it works far better than what most guys do when they meet an attractive woman.

Although of course, it helps a lot if you look like Ashton Kutcher.