If you go to ‘news’ sources such as CNN or The Guardian, you will be served the idea that Assad is the big butcher, that only his regime kills children, that his regime bombs civilian areas, just like that, for the fun of it. If there are any rebels around, they are impotent, passive recipients of all the Assad violence…

The areas that the Assad regime (it’s always called a ‘regime’ and not a government, always implying that Assad is a horrible dictator) targets are referred to as ‘rebel-held’.

It’s usually not specified that those rebels are terrorists from Al-Nusra or ISIS and other radical groups, who are often not even from Syria, but come from all over the world.

In the western news about Syria it seems the firing goes in one direction. It goes out of the canons and rifles and airplanes of Assad. Apparently there are no armed guys on the other side of the front. Certainly no terrorists, who are often fighting with materiel that the Americans somehow provided.

Western news claims the Americans are only involved to stop ISIS.

In reality the US wanted to get rid of Assad using any dirty trick in the book. They helped create chaos in the country. They got the chaos, but they miscalculated. Assad turned out to be tough and intelligent and not a poor strategist like Saddam. His army clung to vital regions, and with the backing of the Russians it quadrupled the territority it held.

The US and Israel, plus Saudi-Arabia want to destroy Israel because Syria is an Iranian ally, because it’s friends with Russia. These countries are always demonized in American propaganda news outlets.

Israel wants to have weak neighbours so it can keep stealing land. It’s quite happy about the mess in countries like Syria and Iraq and it would love to see Iran sink into chaos. Oddly, Saudi-Arabia and Israel, countries that are often assumed to be enemies, have a lot of goals in common, both are close US allies.

As a result you will read very little on the killing of children in Yemen, done by Saudi-Arabia, and you’ll see a lot of pictures of wounded children, always victims of the Assad regime.

It’s very cheap what these news agencies do.

What do they expect?

If Damascus is dailing being attacked by terrorists, what should they do? Not should back? Roll over and let the terrorists take over?

There was something of a movement in Syria of moderate rebels. Now these are largely a fiction. Assad is mostly fighting radical terrorists who at the very least are getting clandestine backing by the US, the UK, Israel and sometimes Turkey.

Turkey is in a tough position. It doesn’t want to see a Syria run by radical muslims to the south, but it also doesn’t want to see anything like an independent or a strong autonomous Kurdish entity. That’s what Turkey is trying to prevent.

The Assad faction – a substantial part of the Syrian population is clearly backing Assad – has been cruel and was cruel in its suppression of protests, by young people with legitimate concerns and demands for more democracy.

But what’s going on now has escalated into a dangerous quagmire, mostly by the meddling of foreign powers.

If the west and its allies had not tried to get rid of Assad less people would have died, there would have been less suffering, and less children would have been horribly maimed.

Plus, the reason that there is an Assad in first place, is because of the colonial history of the region.

If anyone is to blame for what is going in there, it’s the west, which still can’t shake off its ‘holier than thou’ attitude, even though it’s western countries that have turned the region into such a disaster area.