1. The noble lion

These people are extremely rare. They are guided by principles and integrity. They defend the weak and fight for a more just world. The sheep hide behind them, but don’t always actively help them. They are a prime target for the wolves who can’t stand that someone is not guided by greed, ego or self-interest. They are usually jailed, killed, side-lined, ignored or ridiculed. Sometimes they manage to make a significant postive impact on the world. Without them there wouldn’t be any positive  change.

2. The vicious wolves

These are the people that make life so shitty. There aren’t a lot of them, but they are so energetic and influential that they dictate how the world works. They are guided by personal gain. They want to shine and they will do anything to satisfy their own needs. They are often followed by sheep, who makes the mistake that sucking up to a a wolf can get them protection. This protection is at best a temporary and uncertain thing. Since the sheep are too scared and are not as greedy as the wolves they rarely stop them, they usually give them what they want.

3. The scared sheep

The majority of people. They hide in groups, are occupied with small pleasures, are too scared to stand up to the wolves, and will happily let themselves be fucked over as long as their basic necessities aren’t threatened. They will only stand up to the wolves if a noble lion comes along and unites them, and even then it will be hard to get them to take real action. In the end they like the world as it is. As long as they have a place to sleep and food in their belly it’s ok for them.

4. The sneaky vultures

These people would like to be wolves, but they lack the courage and the strength to be one. So they serve the wolves and ear the crumbs of the wolf’s table. These are the most despicable kind of people. Even the wolves despise them, even if they are getting their aid. They outnumber the wolves, but they are still a minority.

5. The ‘leave me the fuck alone’ bear

Less rare than the Noble Lion, but still rare. They see the world as it is and it pains them, but they lack the energy, the charisma or aren’t sure about which path to take, to really take action. So they disconnect from everything, hate everyone (although they actually love too much!!) and sit back and watch the freak show. They might comment on what they see, they might try to be a Noble Lion at times, but ultimately they feel too overwhelmed by the shit they see to consistently take action. You could say that these people are failed Noble Lions.