‘It’s amazing how people who don’t even live in the US talk bullshit about our country’

Oh, you have to stand in awe at the eloquence.

You know what’s amazing?

It’s amazing that a country that has invaded and bombed country after country, often with the shadiest of pretexts, has some very touchy citizens who are surprised when the biggest bully in the world gets criticized by people all over the world…

Just my thoughts after some Americans with that kind of attitude commented on the picture above.

Apparently, they can do whatever the fuck they want in the world, and the rest of the world cannot say anything about the most intruding country of the last 70 years…

Their reactions confirm that many in the US think that they are ‘special’, that they are the ‘chosen people’ who can do whatever they like, anywhere in the world, and nobody who’s not American can comment. Of course, these people also bully Americans who voice the same opinions, it’s just a tactic to make serious discussions impossible.

Since talking to them has no chance, because they don’t want to talk, and will just bully you if you try to have a discussion with them, I just delete their comments immediately and block them. Unfortunately these people are so deeply bogged down in the patriotic propaganda that it would take years of exposure to all kinds of arguments and people from all over the world to make them reconsider their opinions. It’s impossible to do on social media.

Social media has created camps between which no real dialogue is possible. This could eventually lead to the complete disintegration of society as we know it. Luckily social media is not the real world. Face to face these people might actually be ok to interact with… That’s the weird thing about social media, it just comes with even more masks than human are already wearing.