Growing up in my Belgian culture, you are almost certain to develop:

  • a dangerous respect for authority. If anyone with a title tells us to do something we will do it
  • a meek attitude and little assertivity
  • no initiative
  • a tendency to play it safe
  • the inability to voice what you are really thinking and a tendency to nod along with everyone and criticize them behind their back
  • feminine mannerisms if you’re a guy
  • a tendency to overeat and get obsessed over food
  • binge-watching television
  • the idea that there’s nothing really going wrong in the world, that bad things only happen in far away lands that may not even exist, like Syria or Yemen. These countries exist to give Hollywood something to base a nice action movie about that we will watch and then criticize
  • the tendency to smugly criticize everyone who’s doing something
  • a disdain for one’s own country (we are not a patriotic people)
  • a disdain for anyone holding religious beliefs, combined with a tendency to seek all sorts of pseudo-religious experiences in therapy, reiki, astrology, foot reflexology, anything at all, as long as it’s not really religion
  • decadance when it comes to food and drinks
  • an automatic and very vocal pro-monogamy attitude while everyone likes to sleep around and cheat
  • the need to totally pamper little children so that they grow up to be spoiled, weak, selfish individuals
  • lots of efficiency in memorizing stuff the teacher tells you to memorize, promising you will get a cushy job if you memorize enough stuff
  • a cynical, detached attitude towards suffering, unless it’s your own suffering, then you cry and complain a lot
  • the tendency to think of yourself as the center of the universe
  • the tendency to confuse saying what you are going to do with actual accomplishments
  • bragging about reading books you haven’t really read
  • repeating what a very limited number of ‘famous’ fellow countrymen said on tv last night or in the most popular shitty celebrity magazine posing as an intellectual journal
  • the tendency to pretend that we are an extremely feminist country, whereas as soon as guys in our country are in a room with no women around you will hear locker room talk that would make Donald Trump blush.

    (originally added on Quora)