Making your lips red and putting rouge on your cheeks emphasizes some of the signals that display sexual arousal. That’s all it’s for. Wearing high heels emphasizes women’s legs and makes them bend like when a woman is in a sexual position. That’s all they’re for. Nobody wears high heels because they are comfortable. Although some women may wear shoes to be a bit taller, but often they want to be taller because they like tall men. And I’ve never believed women who say that dress up just for themselves, of course they do not, not really anyway.

To be fair to both sexes you could also say that men are trying (usually very, very, miserably unsuccesful) by wearing short sleeves to show off their biceps. This usually doesn’t arouse any woman, but makes them look down on you just a little bit more, unless they are already attracted to you for your standing in the social hierarchy or your potential to shine in the social hierarchy (women don’t really differentiate between your actual accomplishment and the potential they spot in you), then the muscles are a nice bonus.

Not all women are succesfully provocative wearing make-up. The most beautiful women simply don’t need any at all, and unattractive women look more desperate when tbey wear make-up, but there are some make-up wizzards who do manage to look very attractive with make-up.

Should we discourage men and women from trying to be sexually provocative at work? Or can they do whatever they want and order everyone to exercise maximum self- restraint in response to the all round sexual provocation? This is the standard today. Everyone can show off what they have, but nobody is really allowed to openly respond to this.

So it’s show what you got, but don’t react to anything, pretend not to notice and certainly don’t touch or there’s a big chance you’ll get into trouble.

‘Luckily’ most men (and an increasing number of women) are spending their sexual energy solo, watching porn.

Or in the future (which is Japan today) men and women will opt out of having sex and will solve this problem by becoming asexual or by doing anything sexual that does not involve intimacy with an other human being.


I’ve come across women in recent years who are dolled up way sexier than most porn stars, sometimes in completely inappropriate circumstances as in an all boys school full of ragingly horny teenage lads. I would say that’s almost criminal and it’s certainly cruel.

Especially here in Slovakia, and even more so in Ukraine and Russia and Serbia (where women are more beautiful than Slovak women since Slovak women are already less Slavic, just like Czech women are less beautiful than Slovak women, because they’ve been Germanized too much), you meet pornified women.

This is however only a tiny minority because most women, just like most men, are not especially physically attractive.

Attraction is a complicated thing

My most recent mild attraction involved a woman who is not my type (I like long black hair, a tiny waist and shapely legs and rather big noses), but she has fire in her belly, is obviously a bit more intelligent than most people you meet, is rather bossy, cruel and dominant and storming forward in life like an armored train, so I was attracted.

I’m old enough now to ridicule my own feelings of attraction as silly illusions, that are nothing but messages pointing out what I feel I’m lacking as a person (dominance, cruelty, confidence, putting yourself first). So I don’t need to do anything with this woman, I need to work on myself. I don’t even like her as a person, my attraction is just envy of certain qualities she has that I would like to have.

Women can wear however many layers of make- up as they want and men can try to show off however much biceps, real or steroid induced, as they like. I will stoically keep categorizing these people as to be ignored.

I am against a rule saying that we can’t use make-up, as I like these easy signals that I’m –potentially!!! dealing with a certain kind of person. I add potentially because nothing is ever what it seems in dealing with people.

For the same reason I wish that every true fascist would wear a big swastika on his forehead.

For the same reason I am against banning the Confederate flag.

I kinda like it when my enemies are so easily discernible.

Fighting the Vietcong was so bloody hard, because you couldn’t tell who was one.