This week Syria shot down an Israeli F-16. That’s a lot of American tax payer money ruined.

Israeli has been quite happy in recent years with developments in the area. ISIS was great for them, fights between Hamas and Fatah were great, the mainstream media in the West usually sides with Israel and fails to report the daily human rights violations perpetrated by the Israelis, by soldiers and civilians.

They didn’t manage to get rid of Assad, and that bites.

And now Syria is extremely experienced when it comes to fighting wars, and it’s capable of downing advanced jets.

It’s bad news for the predator nation that is Israel and good news for anyone who’d like to see put a stop to the expansion of the biggest forward American military base on the planet, Israel.

The presence of US soldiers in Syria is illegal. And Israel has no business invading Syrian air space. If Israel would be the freedom loving democracy it likes to pretend to be, it would be bombing ISIS targets, not the Syrian army and its allies.