We’re not going to list ALL the suspicious details concerning 9/11 in this short post. It would take a heavy tome of a book to expose everything that we know so far that does not fit with the official narrative.

Lots of holes in the official story

The official story is that alcohol consuming, whoring, inexperienced muslim fanatics armed with nothing but box-cutters and  who couldn’t even fly a small Cesna plane somehow managed to take control of several airliners and plunged them into the WTC towers and the Pentagon.

Those towers then collapsed and were turned into dust. The black boxes of the planes were never found. The owner, Larry Silverstein, who had only recently bought the buildings got a massive insurance competition for the event, and was not in the buildings when they were attacked. That day he happened to have an appointment somewhere else. If he had been at his usual spot that day he would have been death.

The US army was running an exercise that day simulating EXACTLY what was happening for real. What an incredible cooincidence! They were training for an event involving hijacked planes. Because the exercise was happening at the same time the thing was happening for real, everybody got confused and it became very hard to distinguish between what was real and what was part of the exercise and therefore fake. This slowed down the reaction time of the best equipped army the world has ever seen.

The buildings were designed to take a hit from an airplane. According to the official narrative we are asked to believe that the jet fuel weakened the structure of the buildings sufficiently to let them collapse on to themselves, leaving nothing but dust.

In the dust nothing can be found, but the passport of one of the hijackers is found in rather pristene condition. How convenient.

Firemen claim – and you can easily find videos on YouTube for this – that an explosion had gone off in the lobby. Witnesses claim the explosion downstairs went off BEFORE the planes hit.

The security system of the WTC towers malfunctioned some time before the attacks, everybody could suddenly walk in and out. It would theoretically have been possible to plan bombs in the buildings.

Building 7, a third building collapsed that day, that wasn’t hit by any planes. At first it was claimed that fires had erupted there which had let to its collapse. But how many buildings do you know about that have ever collapsed due to fire alone? Building 7 was ‘pulled’, it was blown up deliberately.

Even Donald Trump claimed explosives were used to bring down the towers

You can find a video of Donald Trump claiming that without explosives the buildings could not possibly have been brought down. This is right after the attacks. He goes on to say that the building was constructed in such a way that it would be extremely strong.  He says he’s visited the buildings and that his engineer explained to him how strong the buildings were. We can assume that Donald Trump knows at least a little bit about construction buildings. Practically the very next day he changes his opinion and completely agrees with the official narrative.

Donald Trump is a very good friend of Benjamin Netanyahu. He has excellent connections with Israel. In his campaign speeches during the 2016 election he voiced his ironclad support for Israel and called it America’s most loyal ally (which is a questionable statement). The guy even campaigned to get Netanyahu elected. His daughter converted to judaism and married a jew. We know how powerful the Israeli lobby is in the US and how important it is for presidential candidates to curry favor with Israel. Trump’s campaign was heavily supported by rich jews. That support bore ripe fruit when he announced that he will move the American embassy to Jerusalem, the contested town in the heart of Palestine.

The former Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, proudly claims that he had predicted similar attacks in his book, as early as 1995. In Fighting Terrorism: How Democracies Can Defeat Domestic and International Terrorism he says terrorists linked to Iran could – for example- plant a nuclear bomb in the cellars of the WTC towers.

We are not going to go in all the details, but you can easily find rather convincing theories that Israel was also behind the JFK assassination and the framing of Richard Nixon, through the Watergate scandal. Both presidents were not giving Israel what it wanted.

Something like a precedent

In the sixties Israel, the ‘most loyal ally’ of the US, even attacked a US ship, the USS Liberty. 34 crew members died. The Americans on board the ship to this day say it couldn’t have been a mistake. They say they were deliberately attacked, and their response was hampered by their own command chain. It seems likely the Israelis were trying to pull of a so called ‘false flag’ attack to blame this incident on its Arab enemies. In stead the official narrative dubs it as just a ‘mistake’.

Let’s just as a thought experiment suppose the following:

Israel has no real resources. It is in a highly vulnerable position. It has one of the most modern armies on the planet, but it doesn’t have enough men and women to sustain a protracted all-out war effort. It’s deadly afraid of Iran, but it’s not happy about any of its other neighbours either. It still illegally occupies the Golan heights, which belong to Syria. The location is said to contain oil. It also controls a lot of the drinking water in the region. It encroaches on Palestine lands on a daily basis and bit by bit eats up Palestinian territory. At the same time it is also paranoid about Arab Israelis. Not every Israeli is a jew, and those Arab Israelis are treated as second-rate citizens. It’s afraid these people could be used as a fifth column to destroy Israel from within. It also feels threatened by Hezbollah in Lebanon and by Hamas in Gaza. It likes creating conflict between the Palestinian factions of Hamas and Fatah. In Egypt there’s an Israeli friendly regime at the moment, heavily backed by Saudi-Arabia. Saudi-Arabia would theoretically have to be an enemy of Israel, but it’s a US ally and it hates Iran just as much as Israel hates the Persian nation.

Israel has vowed to destroy the entire world with its Samson option. If Israel would ever be attacked and soundly defeated by its hostile neighbours it will launch nuclear weapons from its submarines and drag everybody down with them.

It has nuclear weapons that are rarely talked about. Whenever a country might develop nuclear weapons there’s a great public outcry, but Israel is tacitly allowed to have them.

This sounds crazy if you’re used to the mainstream media narrative, but ISIS is good for Israel. Note that ISIS has never attacked Israel. ISIS gives as the reason: the Palestinian question is not the most important issue facing muslims so it does not focus on that. Ironically it does oppose Hamas, an enemy of Israel. You have to refuse to see it. ISIS seems to be an ally of Israel.

Netanyahu has publicly stated that the attacks of 9/11 have been ‘good’ to Israel.

Israel has incredibly efficient secret services, there are citizens of other nations all over the world that are more loyal to Israel than the country they reside in, wealthy people, people with connections in poltics and business.

It’s certainly not impossible that Israel has something to do with 9/11.

It led to the destruction of Saddam, a powerful enemy of Israel, created chaos in the Middle East, it started the war on terrorism, which helps to sell the narrative that Palestinian resistance is always terrorism and not a legitimate fight against brutal oppression.

It’s been called a ‘new Pearl Harbor’, a catastrophic event to rally the majority of the people to back policies that they would have never backed otherwise.

There’s a latin name for it, a ‘casus belli’, a reason to go to war.

There’s a name in Latin for it, because it’s one of the oldest tricks in the book of power politics.