It’s often assumed that power eroticizes. Women swooned when they saw Hitler speech at the apex of his career, but according to his friend Kubizek, a guy with whom he spent a long period of time in Vienna, Hitler constantly attracted women by… doing not at all. He also was entirely disinterested and never took the bait even though women were throwing themselves at him. His friend called his life style at the time as ‘self-imposed ascetic’. It’s also often assumed that Hitler had only one testicle and an undeveloped penis or micro-penis. While we will probably never be certain, his friend, with whom he shared a room, says he was physically normal. He also wasn’t gay because for a long time he had an idealizing infatuation with one young woman. He also seems to have liked movies in which you could see lots of female legs. Which could lead us to conclude that Hitler was heterosexual, but simply not interested or incapable of real intimacy, preferring idealizing reveries concerning some unattainable girl.

Here’s what his friend Kubizek wrote about Hitler, the babe magnet:

“As we used to walk up and down the foyer during the intervals at the opera, I was struck by how much attention the girls and women paid to us. Understandably enough, at first I used to wonder which of us was the object of this undisguised interest and thought secretly it must be me. Closer observation, however, soon taught me that the obvious preference was not for me but for my friend. Adolf appealed so much to the passing ladies, in spite of his modest clothing and his cold, reserved manner in public, that occasionally one or the other of them would turn round to look at him which, according to the strict etiquette prevailing at the opera, was considered highly improper.”

“Even in the street my friend was shown preference. When at night we came home from the opera or the Burg Theatre, now and again one of the street-walkers would approach us, in spite of our poor appearance, and ask us to come home with her, but here again it was only Adolf who got the invitation.

I remember quite well that in those days I used to ask myself what the girls found so attractive about Adolf. He was certainly a well-set-up young man with regular features, but not at all what is understood by the term ‘a handsome man’. I had seen handsome men often enough on the stage to know what women meant by that. Perhaps it was the extraordinarily bright eyes that attracted them, or was it the strangely stern expression of the ascetic countenance? Or perhaps it was just his obvious indifference to the opposite sex that invited them to test his resistance. Whatever it was, women seemed to sense something exceptional about my friend – as opposed to men such as, for instance, his teachers and professors.”

Excerpts From: August, Kubizek. “The Young Hitler I Knew: The Memoirs of Hitler’s Childhood Friend.”