I rarely go to facebook anymore, since it doesn’t get you anywhere expect to more facebook shit, but I’ve just opened it and scrolled down my newsfeed long enough to see 10 status updates.

One guy sought attention for proposing to his girlfriend on some mountain with an ancient ruin and the nine others asked a question!

Genre: ‘Just curious. How many of my facebook friends journal daily? And why?’

Most of them added this ‘just curious’ in the title, and some asked for ‘recommendations’.

Ow come on, you’re not curious. You want interaction, you want attention, you want to have the feeling you exist and that you matter. You couldn’t care less about the answers, you just want some feeling of connection, which, trust me, you won’t get through facebook. That’s why soon enough you’ll feel an itch to ask an other question.

And it’s really a trend, because people do get a bit more attention when they do this. Months ago I started doing the same. I had never got so much attention, unless when I posted pictures of my gorgeous wife (the attention seeking strategy of that guy who proposed to his girlfriend, see above). Until a REAL friend told me: cut it out, stop bugging people with useless questions.

How incredibly vapid is all this? Who the fuck cares how many of your facebook ‘friends’ journal? If you want to journal, then journal. It has some benefits, you don’t need to ask your facebook friends to start doing this.

Have you ever noticed that supersuccesful people DO NOT POST RANDOM QUESTIONS ON FACEBOOK? They have BETTER THINGS TO DO.

And if you have a serious question go to Quora, not facebook. If you post a question on Quora you mainly do it to get a real answer, if you post it on facebook, you mainly do it to get attention.