Got rejected?


This means you’ve put yourself out there. You didn’t go through life with one hand strapped around your balls.

If you get rejected, celebrate!

It means you went after something or someone you wanted, you worked up the nerve to ask for what you wanted, and you did it. You were true to yourself.

Too much is made of being rejected. Who cares?

Who cares if a girl rejects you? There are about 3 BILLION others. Ask an other one.

Got rejected for a job? So what? It’s just a job. It stands for Just Over Broke. Look for an other one, there’s always something you can do. Perhaps you should be running your own business instead of looking for a job.

Got rejected by a publishing house? So what? Maybe they gave you some useful feedback. There are dozens of others. And hey, the internet dethroned the so called ‘gate keepers’, you can easily self-publish if you really believe in what you are writing.

You can go and on.

Bottom line: if you got rejected, take it as a badge of honor. You were courageous. Good. Carry on. Get rejected some more. You have to go through many no’s to finally get a yes.

Audentes fortuna juvat.

Fate helps those that are courageous.  Or ‘luck sides with the coureagous’.