It’s a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll.

The first edition of our book is almost sold out, at the rate we’re going these days, we will be out of it in January.

Here are just 5 obstacles of a whole variety of obstacles we needed to overcome.

1. The most important one: don’t listen to the naysayers. Most people we met said it couldn’t be done. Especially because we chose to offer it for sale through our own channels and not through the big book chains. The negativity you encounter when you have an idea for a business is simply staggering. People pour out their own insecurities and their own reasons for not taking initiative out on those who take a risk. Don’t listen to them. They are not really talking to you, they are telling themselves why it’s ok they don’t do anything. Even when you’re close to the finishing line people will still try to discourage you or belittle your efforts. Ignore them.

2. You will have to persevere and pick yourself up again and again each time you fall. Do you know that when the book was ready my computer crashed and I lost the whole text? Yup, I had to start all over again from scratch. I almost called it quits, but the people around me supported me to redo it. You cannot do it alone!

3. You’ll never be completely satisfied with your own product. As soon as we had the printed version ready we immediately spotted what we want to do differently in the second edition. And this was after many, many meetings about how we wanted it. You will always want to reach the next level, but you really have to celebrate each level, or you will exhaust yourself.

4. If you wait for the perfect moment you will never start. We won’t go into details but this book was made in far less than perfect circumstances, if we had waited for more time, more space, more rest, more harmony, more means, more money, more of anything, this book would not exist.

5. Doubt. It’s a real leap of faith. You never know beforehand if someone will see any value in what you’ve created. There’s no certainty of success. The only success you hold in your own hands is this: you commit yourself to finish what you start. That’s the victory, you finish what you start to the best of your ability. You learn while doing. If you fail, you will have learned so much that you’re sure to succeed the second time or the third time. Bottom line: you have no excuse not to try, unless you simply don’t care enough and prefer to do other things. Negativity is a waste of time. Don’t focus on what can go wrong, focus on what can go right.