Facebook does not work for me. I’ve never ‘vibed’ with it. Unless I post questions with a colorful background, like: ‘If your life was a movie, what would be the title?’ Yes, I do get loads of interaction for stuff like that, but, seriously, I do not want to distract people like that and the people who care about me have kindly asked me to stop doing that.

Maybe I should continue, maybe it would lead to views for more serious articles, like the one on ‘trickle down economics’. But I doubt it, I think it just distracts people. So, nope, facebook, I will keep posting articles that engage very few people through facebook.

Twitter does not work for me either. I have more than 4,000 ‘followers’, but as with most twitter accounts, they only ‘follow’ me so I would follow them back. That’s how the twitter madness works. To me twitter is like a room full of people all screaming out loud and nobody listening, all of them wearing T-shirts reading: ‘please like my facebook page’  and shoving their business cards down your throat. From all social media networks I think twitter is most representative of the state of human interaction these days.

In most people’s mind facebook is the top of the food chain when it comes to social media, and the other platforms are supposed to get people to like their facebook page, a bad strategy, I must say.  Success on one social media platform does not spill over into an other platfom, unless you’re a celebrity.

Instagram, for some reason, does work for me. Don’t ask me why because I most certainly do not look hot in a string showing my ass in a selfie (THE way to get followers on instagram) and I eat my food, I don’t take pictures of it.

Quora is the thing for me.  If I post the same thing on Quora and on facebook (I refuse to use a capital letter for this) I often get thousands of views and a lot of interaction on Quora and maybe 20 views and zero interaction on facebook. I must add however, that what happens on Quora stays on Quora, this site gets some visitors through Quora, but not a lot, and certainly not in proportion to the number of views or upvotes I get there.

I’m even sure that many of my 3,900 facebook ‘friends’ have unfollowed me a long time ago. This is partly because I only tend to like and share political posts. That’s like facebook suicide. If you want to have interaction on facebook you have to stay a teenager. They don’t need to unfollow, because if you don’t like somebody’s posts they stop appearing in your newsfeed. You get an unpopular algorithm. The funny things is that our ‘fans’ on Facebook -the few that we have there- also do not actively like or share posts, which lowers the interaction potential. To be fair: I don’t have the time to follow anyone on Facebook and therefore also rarely like or share anything… So if you want to get a lot of likes on Facebook you will have to hand out likes like you’re a hyperactive 5-year old who eats amphetamine spaghetti for breakfast. 

The key

The best way to drive traffic to this site -so far- has been google searches. The trick is to pick titles that people will look for on google. Surprise, surprise: they type a lot of questions related to sex, dating, relationships, women and men. That’s the reason why I have more articles on Slovak women than I would prefer to have. I will continue to blog about Slavic women and sexuality because it leads to a lot of traffic, and luckily, those visitors also click on articles that deal with politics, economics and psychology (PEP).

People keep telling me that Pinterest is a great way to get more traffic, but I haven’t tried that so far.