I do not give a stinking royal turd about any prince’s wedding plans. I think the mainstream media has blood on its hands for overreporting this fake fairy tale gobbledigook and featuring this sort of feudal relics on its front pages.

Here are just ten things the same media criminally underreport:

  1. The systematic crimes of the IDF targetting Palestinians, women and children included, with daily acts of humiliation, aggression and oppression that do not get reported by the mainstream media
  2. The influence of lobyists getting laws voted that protect corporations to suck more blood out of society
  3. Trump’s tax plans
  4. The true cost of austerity politics
  5. The mechanisms behind tax havens for the superwealthy
  6. Concepts like ‘trickle down economics’ and what this really means for you and me
  7. The real reasons for the war in Syria
  8. The systematic isolation of Iran because it refuses to bow to the US agenda, and the long list of attempts to install a US friendly regime in the country
  9. The Saudi war on Yemen, fully supported by the UK and the US
  10. The war profiteers and all the mechanisms behind the huge and ever growing sales of weapon systems

And these are just ten things that deserve to be front page news every day, infinitely more than any Harry. Even Harry Potter is more interesting, because at least you can something about how the Harry Potter series taps into the human need for stories, myth, symbols and archetypes.

Of course, if nobody would click on the latest about the pampered feudal clique, newspapers wouldn’t give so much attention to this. So I suppose we all have blood on our hands, because we prefer to comment on some rich chick’s wedding dress, and turn a blind eye when Israeli soldiers search the backpacks of six year old girls and boys on their way to school, whilst pointing the latest automatic weapons at them.