First of all, I’m not an expert concerning the JFK assassination. I did read a couple of books, and watched pretty much any documentary, movie or series I could find about it, a couple years ago, when the JFK assassination was my obsession of the month. This is definitely not the ultimate article about this event. It’s merely an invitation to look into it and be open to several theories and come to your own conclusions.

Many people have made up their minds about this affair. There are those who firmly believe it was Oswald, there are those that think president Johnson was behind it, some think it was the CIA, or the maffia, or Cubans, or a combination of all of those. The list of possible motivations is also long…

I certainly don’t know who’s behind it.

All I have come to believe is that Lee Harvey Oswald didn’t do it. That’s all. If you think Oswald did do it, then nothing I can tell you will make you change your mind and I won’t even try. This is a blog post for those who are still undecided about the matter.

What I have come to believe – and I may be wrong- is that Kennedy was killed by multiple gunmen, and that the fatal head shot was fired from a sewer next to the car. I think the car slows down, possibly to allow this shot to take place, and then speeds up. You can see this in the famous Zapruder film, which you can easily find online. Watch the Zapruder film here, for example. The motorbikes suddenly catch up with the car, right before the head shot, and right before the car speeds up again. You will also see that the protective formation of the police detail is entirely ineffective, their formation makes no sense if they are to protect the president.

One of the oddest facts concerning the matter, is the killing of a police officer that very same day. His name was J.D. Tippit. The official version claims Oswald killed this person as well. Oddly, this police officer bears a striking resemblance to president Kennedy. Apparently his colleagues nicknamed him JFK or Jack.

In the documentary ‘Everything is a rich man’s trick‘, it’s claimed that this person was murdered in order to do a body swap. This body was supposed to have the injuries Kennedy should have had in keeping with Oswald -the patsy’s- shots from the book depository.

Oswald denied both murder accusations. He’s seen on camera saying ‘I’m just a patsy’, meaning other people are using him as a scapegoat. Why would he deny any of this? In cases like this the assassin is proud of his work and wants to be famous. Not Oswald, he denied everything. I won’t go further into this, but there are some interesting theories that there were two Oswalds, the real one, and one posing as Oswald…

We all know Oswald himself was killed by Jack Ruby, on camera. Rubie claimed he did this to spare Kennedy’s wife, Jackie Kennedy, the stress of the trial… Quite a weird motive to say the least.

The weapon Oswald is said to have used was a piece of junk. It’s very unlikely he could have fired so rapidly and so accurately with what many weapon experts consider a crappy weapon.

Former governor of Minnesota tries to duplicate the shots Oswald -according to the official version – took, in this video.

In the following screenshots you see the table of contents of the excellent book ‘They killed our president. 63 reasons to believe there was a conspiracy.’ I think you can get a good idea of where the book will take you just by taking a close look at the 63 points it will offer.

You are warmly invited to question the official version and to give Oswald at least a post-mortem chance to be pronounced innocent.