It’s recently been discovered, through release of the so called jfk files, that the FBI tried all they could to smear Martin Luther King’s reputation. They even suggested he should take his own life in letters sent to him. It’s been confirmed that the FBI itself tried everything it could to damage his reputation.

If you get popular enough and you start saying things in favor of ending povery, you risk getting killed. Lots of people’s poverty is the basis for a couple of people’s massive wealth, so if you want to eradicate poverty, those people want you gone.

There’s a mechanism to any economic system that drives most of the wealth into the hands of only a few. It’s the same under communism as it is under capitalism. Under communism the affluence of the 1 percent was less expressed in direct ownership, but more in opportunities, entertainment options, education, access to information, the comfort of dwelling- places, etc not available to the 99 percent. In terms of material well-being the difference between the capitalist elite and the communist elite was not that different, though it’s a whole lot more fun and safe to be part of the capitalist 1 percent than to be a part of the communist 1 percent.

Until now we haven’t really found a great mechanism to counteract this law of human production systems. We can tax the superwealthy, but then we have lots of trouble to decide how best to redistribute that tax money for the benefit of all and the superwealthy are extremely adept at getting laws passed to avoid paying those taxes.

If you get too close to the solution, your life is in danger.