Agreeable. Less defiant, less confrontational, less subversive when it comes to accepting rules, more self-disciplined, almost never a slave of their sex drive, more interested in how people function and less in how things function. Those are women. And this will be the age of women, as communication will become more and more important. The more material wealth a society has, the more important skills that require empathy become, soft negotiation skills, nurturing, understanding the other party’s point of view, etc. Things that women tend to excel at. University women are beating men at almost everything.

Ever since women have conquered their rightful place on the job market, men have become increasingly puzzled as to their proper roles.

There was certainly a huge negative downside to having women on the job market. All of a sudden the labor force doubled. Employers had a double pool to pick workers from. Wages have not really in increased since the seventies, not enough to keep up with inflation. This means that two people are now required to make the same money one person used to make. This is of course not the fault of women at all, it’s how our economic system where you can buy and sell labor operates. It also meant that men lost their clear cut role as the family’s provider, a sense of pride and also of clarity went down the drain there.

The benefits for women have been enormous. They have gone on to splendid careers, they have become liberated. Especially in the west women no longer see getting a man with a well paying job as any kind of career path. They have their own career paths.

Women excel in school and at university. They are more disciplined, take notes, do what is asked of them and are agreeable. They don’t give their teachers a hard time. This helps a lot in school. Lots of boys are sloppy, chaotic, tired from playing videogames all evening, and can try to fight the authority, which will affect their grade.

We live in a society with a huge degree fetish, so unless you have some terrific skill that’s in high demand, you’ll be in trouble without a degree. What you learn in college may have very little practical value, an academic title will still open doors.

Men don’t really know how to deal with women. Women are fine working with men, since they are agreeable and empathic, and find it more easy to keep their hormones in check. Men notice that their communication style no longer works with women. Men, even when they are on ‘the same team’ can be very direct, aggressive, and blunt. This is not allowed when talking to women. Negotiating with a woman is something that puzzles them. Hell, even asking for a simple date to go and drink coffee has quite a lot of young men study whole volumes of books! As soon as there will be highly sophisticated sex robots I sincerely believe lots of men will opt to have sex with those and retreat always entirely from meaningful interactions with real women. Those sex robots are not just a rumor, they are going to be here and soon. According to me this will take even more men out of the dating game and will lead even more men to basically give up trying to improve themselves, since the search for sexual gratification is a huge drive to do better and ‘get some’. Testosterone may be the reason why men die sooner than women, but it’s also what pushes us forward, if our drive is constructive.

In the modern work environment women thrive. The men that make it through all the hoops that society puts in front of you if you want a decent job still get the top positions, but they are not necessarily the best and most productive employees. I suspect that the backbone of lots of modern companies are now women. The modern job market is also too fluid for men, the days that you could have a clear cut career working for one company and retiring with a decent pension are numbered. Young people often have to scrap an income together combining all sorts of mini-jobs. They work 20 hours in a bar, or they have some low paying parttime job at an art gallery or some such job that’s not enough to pay all the bills and they teach an evening class of German and a Saturday morning class of Yoga and make some money doing a translation here and there and maybe during the summer they are a tourist guide in the city. To combine all this comes more naturally to women than to men.

The men that don’t make it stay glued to their playstation and first person shooter games.

One famous psychologist who talks about these trends is Jordan Peterson.

When comparing women and men there’s of course little you can say that always applies, but go and take a look in most auditoria at most campus grounds in the developed world, women are more and more in the majority when you observe the highly educated. This will have a big impact on relationships, as many men tend to become stuck as a ‘man child’ hunting some dream and never settling, thinking ‘a rolling stone doesn’t gather moss’.