Most people you meet

  • Want you to help them make them a bit more money
  • Will ditch you if you can’t be of use to them
  • Only see what’s in it for them
  • Demand all sorts of stuff from you, but don’t offer anything in return
  • Are incredibly easily offended
  • Will never admit a mistake
  • Will only ever admit a mistake if they have learned that it makes a person look good if from time to time you admit that you were wrong
  • Don’t know when they are being offensive
  • Will eventually hurt you or dump you because you’re not offering what they were looking for and they won’t even realize they’ve cut you out off your life. Just like they don’t keep track of how many times they sneeze, they don’t realize how easily they filter people out of their lives if it can’t get them money, sexual gratification, status, etc
  • Will at some point make a comment, even a very subtle one, to let you know they feel better than you
  • Rate who you are based on the first 90 seconds you interact with them, and from then on only look for proof to confirm that snapshot opinion of you
  • Most people would shove you under a bus in a an emergency if you don’t share enough genetic material with them
  • Most people will only accept information that feeds their ego
  • Will equate you with your job title
  • Will form their opinion of you based on your clothes and how confident your body language is
  • Will expect you to behave, talk, dress, the way they want
  • Will accuse you of doing exactly those obnoxious habits they themselves have
  • Will give you the advice they themselves want to hear
  • Will not applaud, at least not inwardly, when you experience some success
  • Will be afraid you may be better than them
  • Will claim you exclusively and will call that ‘love’
  • Will take longer and longer to respond to you, the less useful you are to themh
  • And most people you meet are exactly like you and me

We did not become the most powerful species on the planet because we are nice.

We live in a system that demands so much of us, demands us to perform in a certain way, that it destroys your humanity, you have to become so efficient at doing tasks to get money, to get social status, to be well respected that it destroys our humanity. Those who choose – or are too nice- to go in the other direction, will have to break, because they will earn less, be taken advantage of, will be hurt and bruised every day by those whose priority it is to do exactly as the system tells them: make money your God. 

Either the system crushes your humanity and you let your heart turn to stone, or it crushes your career, your finances, your physical well- being. There are very few people who find a balance in this.