Yes, people around here have one huge ambition: they want to make 800 euro a month. When they have 1000 euro per month they think they are king or queen of the world.

In the summer they want to go to Croatia, and in the winter they want to fly to some western city for the weekend, at least if they do not go to the mountains to get drunk.

How they make that salary is not important, they will do anything as long as they get that salary. If it has value for people does not matter, they are entertainment seeking automatons who sell their soul, if they ever had one, 40 hours a week to the highest bidder, so they can have their little entertainment in the remaining hours of the week, that’s what they consider normal, and a good life.

They are tired, have very little time, because they are busy, busy, busy. Busy making some companies very wealthy.

Yes, that’s a sad truth about people in Slovakia.

But where is it different?

Only the numbers are different, other than that most people you meet anywhere in the world are like this.

You rarely meet someone with a real purpose, a real goal that rises above this simple ambition of eeking out a cosy existence for one’s self, without any concern for much else.

And if you try to do something else, they will think you’re crazy.

If this system makes you depressed, someone will prescribe you a pill, so you can keep doing your job, and the people making those pills can also keep their job.

This would all be quite bearable if this societal rhythm didn’t render most people you meet utterly dull and humorless, because the stress of the job that they usually only mildly enjoy turns them into clicking, screen glued, number obsessed, straight-jacketed, boxed in, report churning, meeting slaves, where they do things devoid of any spiritual meaning. They are kind, nervous, neurotic, and if they don’t make any jokes themselves, they at least still laugh from time to time.

Happy people are the exception. I know some and they puzzle me.

What their secret is, I don’t know. Yet.

Are you living or just surviving?