At some point the people at Dove thought it would be totally ok to show a black woman taking off her shirt and morphing into a white woman in a Facebook ad. The ad has already been pulled and Dove has apologized. On the warm, known for its personal touch, social media platform that is Twitter.

The Unilever brand has messed up before.

How hard is it to not in any way suggest that white could be better, something to be transformed into, or ‘normal’?

Why do they have to try and neurotically squeeze women of all races into an ad in the most unfortunate way possible? You want to sell your products to all women. We get that. But you would seriously think you could find a marketing story that didn’t insult all races except one.

The dove is of course a white dove. Not a black raven. Not a flying chameleon.

No, don’t create a brand image of a black raven morphing into a white dove. Just tells us why your soap is good.

Even better, don’t put money in advertising and sell through word of mouth. I actually like how Dove products smell, but there’s something very fishy about your marketing strategy.