1. Most romantic places are still totally free of other people, it’s like the city is your own private kingdom. Things get cosy very quickly.

2. When you walk around in a totally abandoned shopping mall, the slighty creepy atmosphere, gives you an excellent excuse to be physically close, for protection, of course, and it raises your heart beat and even though the main doors are open, and you’re not doing anything wrong, you still get the rush of being somewhere where perhaps you shouldn’t be

3. Watching the sun rise feels like a more appropriate image for a first date than seeing the sun set

4. Sharing the intimacy of the early hours is something couples do, people tend to only ever see people they are very close to this early in the morning, so by having a moment that early, it’s like you skip a few phases, which can be very exciting

5. If the chemistry turns out to be of the nuclear level, well you still have all the energy you need to experiment with it

Bonus 6: someone willing to meet up this early, must have an adventurous spirit who doesn’t need to play by the ‘rules’

All pictures were taken this morning, at 7 am, in Bratislava, from the SNP bridge over the Danube river.