18 301 days spent observing and participating in the human experience, sometimes enthusiastically, sometimes reluctantly. Always ready to make sense of it all with a pen and a sheet of paper.

Weirdest belief? Yoga will save the world.

Finds comfort in: Well, at least the house cat’s behavior is predictable.

Literary hero? Pipi Longstocking. And not just because she enjoys premium quality footwear.

Karl Ove Knausgaard, John Fowles, Alice Munro and Vikram Seth are the people who can make her stay on a deserted island not seem lonely at all.

She regularly dips a paint brush in her large bucket of passion and splashes it on the digital pages of www.varsik.sk

One mild allergy to small talk, two precious adolescent children, three home towns (Brussels, Bratislava and Rotterdam), four favorite authors, five decades of studying, six dharmas of Naropa , seven chakras to open, eight days a week full of love, nine lives and ten humble thank you’s for seeing the short story Viera a pytón make it to the finals.

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