In Belgium a company has been heavily criticized for promoting a website through which wealthy older men can hook up with young women. Though it’s not the same as pimping, and though the site technically does not promote prostitution, you don’t need to be a genius to understand what’s behind it.

In a country like Belgium where living costs have been steadily soaring for years, and where jobs have becoming more and more precarious, it’s obvious that some students who have the ‘assets’ required will offer their bodies to those willing to financially support them for the use of them… Those guys are called ‘sugar daddies’.

The guy behind the site claims it’s just a fantasy that women have, to have an adventure with a powerful, rich, older man. And thanks to books and movies like Fifty Shades of grey they can finally explore that desire.

Renaud Maes, a sociologist is not fooled by that argument and says: ‘What seems to me most important ro point out is that student prostitution is based on the growing precariousness of students’.

It’s one of the most pressing questions of our time: to what extent do we as a society want to function as a family that supports each other, and cede some of our hard earned money to send youngsters to college, for example, or do we leave everything to the ‘free market’ and drive some students into the arms of rich guys to pay their tuition and living costs?

There’s a clear trend in society to do evertything to enable this sort of practices. They say it’s called ‘freedom’. Those students are free to be fucked by older guys to support them through college. It’s all a matter of personal choice, heck, it’s even a deep-rooted female fantasy…. Which is just a repetition of the age old myth that women are weak, can’t fend for themselves and need a strong male to milk in order to survive.

Well, it’s hard to make someone understand something if his income depends on him not understanding it.

Do we want to pay a bit of our money to provide a healthy structure to people we don’t know, or do we keep our money and, you know, let the market sort it out, whatever that may lead to?

Here you see the billboard as spotted on Belgian streets. It reads: ‘A student loan? Date a sugar daddy.’

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