Close your eyes.

Imagine the sun.

Imagine the sun wrapping you in its warmth.

You feel fed by its rays, by its unconditional, giving, nurturing.

Now see the face of the person who’s always there for you, who loves you unconditionally, who cares for you and loves you, and always tries to give you what you need.

That person is your sun.

Now imagine a lighthouse. Imagine how it guides lost sailors desiring to put their feet on land. See how it stands there, how it throws out its light to help find people their way home.

Now see the face before you of the person who helps you find your way in life. The person who encourages you to develop your potential, who pushes you to self-actualize, to evolve further into the person you want to be.

That person is your lighthouse.

Now imagine a discoball, how it throws its beams on the dance floor, encouraging everyone to dance and lose themselves in the light effects, in the music.

Now see the face of the person in your life who always adds fun to your life, someone who can always make you laugh, someone who always manages to add a lot of fun, someone who lets you relax, be fine with who you are in the moment, someone who lets you enjoy life.

Whose face do you see?

That person is your discoball.

Now that you have discovered who your sun, your lighthouse and your discoball are, it might be a nice idea to let them know and thank them for being such an important, brightening pillar in your life.