The first time I saw him rage against mainstream news reporting there was a moment I thought he was real. That this was a real BBC reporter who couldn’t take the mellow, spineless, invariably shushing, castrated mainstream media standards and had gone berserk. Have you ever noticed that the mainstream news never urges you to action? It just feeds you information that is carefully selected. Is there really anyone who believes that the late evening news gives a real picture of every important event that happened that day? You’re presented a selection. Choices are made as to what you get to see and what you don’t get to see. You get hours and hours of pathetic tear jerking scenes concerning something like the Manchester bombing, but what you don’t get to see is what’s going on in Yemen and certainly not WHY there’s a war in Yemen or WHY it’s mostly kept out of your newsfeed.

Jonathan Pie is an excellent actor. I wasn’t the only one mistaking his performance for reality. Several news outlets made the same mistake.

Not only is he convincing in his acting, what he says also makes a lot of sense, politically.

His explanation for why a candidate like Donald Trump won, or why Brexit came about, is one of the best I’ve heard.

He says that the left is tired of debating, ignores people who have a different opinion, and smugly retreats to a digital island, where they unfriend and unfollow anyone who voices a different opinion. The left labels anyone else as stupid morons. But he correctly claims not everyone who voted for Trump is an idiot who hates women, blacks and anyone who’s different. The left doesn’t listen to its opponents anymore. Suppressing people’s opinions only makes them stronger. And while you risk being ostracized for giving any glimmer of agreeing with anything someone like Trump has to say, in the voting booth all this repressed emotion comes out.

Pie is also brilliant in pointing out how politics is sometimes made boring ON PURPOSE, so the masses wouldn’t give a damn, how the news we are being fed serves an agenda (Assad is evil, Russia is always evil, we need tax cuts for the rich and the rest needs to go on a diet).

Here’s a good start to see the refreshing input of Jonathan Pie, the fake news reporter you wish would be real:

The fucking news

Why Trump won