Toxic people…

blame everyone and everything except themselves

constantly criticize those who do, but never do anything themselves,

bitch and complain all the time, without making the least bit of an effort to come up with an alternative

say things behind your back and don’t have the guts to say them to your face

are two faced, they will be sweet to your face, and thrash you behind your back

are quick to point out what they think you should be doing for them, but never even think about what they could be doing for you

only see things from their perspective

paradoxically, they get more and more toxic the more you try to please them, because pleasing them just feeds their belief that their needs are always to be catered to

only respect power and very clear, strict borders, they ultimately lose all respect for people who are kind to them

You have to cut them out of your life immediately, as they will keep poisoning other people’s lives until they smash into walls often enough to finally make them start reflecting about their own actions and responsibilities