Become a man, stop jerking off, especially to porn. That’s the message in a nut shell.

You can easily find tons of videos on YouTube featuring guys talking into their camera raving about the benefits of quitting masturbation and quitting porn. Go to YouTube and type in ‘benefits of NoFap’. There are also entire websites devoted to it.

The alleged benefits include:

  • eagerness to seek face to face social contact
  • more pleasure in doing things
  • more assertivity
  • less fear approaching attractive women
  • taking more initiative when it comes to dating, but also in all areas of life
  • feeling more confident and less nervous, less guilty
  • more time available (browsing for the exact right porn clip to direct your artillery fire to can be time consuming)
  • more motivation to get stuff done
  • intense wet dreams that reveal deep spiritual stuff about you (really, am not inventing this, I heard a guy say this in a YouTube testimony)
  • you work out more
  • real sex with an other human being becomes more intense and lasts longer
  • less feelings of depression, less need to sleep m
  • less cravings for food, more self-control
  • real life interaction with women becomes more intense

Not reported, but I guess these could be potential benefits:

  • if you tend to download porn and not stream it, so much memory space becomes available
  • your bed doesn’t reek of semen
  • nobody can walk in on you while you’re doing it
  • no stains on the couch (depending on where you’re doing it)

The best explanation I’ve come across

When you go to a porn site and jerk off you get a huge hit of dopamine for free. You get to experience an orgasm, arguably the best feeling us human beings are capable of feeling, for free. There’s no work leading up to it, not effort. The theory is that if something comes easily to us, we totally lose interest, motivation, etc and feel useless and guilt ridden.

Imagine you are in school and you can push a button to always get straight A’s without making any effort whatsoever. Perhaps you would use the button, but ultimately it would not make you happy it would not give you a sense of accomplishment. The same goes for jerking off to porn. Pleasure without pior effort leaves us feeling empty and saps your motivation.

Fapping will be sapping your happiness, if you let it.

Some sites claim masturbating will increase your female hormones, will make you fatter, etc. I’m not a scientist and I have no idea if this is true.

The only thing I know for sure is that there is a surprising number of guys out there who are posting videos to YouTube claiming that there is a long list of benefits that comes with quitting porn and masturbation.

I have tried this in several periods of my life, several times as long as a year. Some of the claims are very similar to what I experience.

Is it a placebo effect or is there some science to it? I have absolutely no idea.

Based on my own experience life is better without masturbating and without porn, but that’s purely my own observation and I cannot back this up with any science.

It may even be related to the typical Christian indoctrination I underwent as a child and still affects me today even though I do not believe in it.

Anyway, if you’re a guy, why not give it a shot? Don’t do it for at least three months and see what it does for you.

There are crazier things you can try than quitting porn for three months.