What is a news article really telling you?

Look at this short article from CNN:
‘The US Navy says an Iranian boat was “unprofessional” and “provocative” by coming close to a US destroyer in the Persian Gulf. It’s not the first time.’

This seems a fairly innocent, ‘objective’ piece of information right?

Well, it is not.

What the fuck is an American destroyer doing in the PERSIAN Gulf. It’s c alled the Persian gulf because, Iran or Persia is right fucking next to it.

Which of the two boats seems more out of a place? The American boat in the Persian Gulf or the Persian boat in the Persian Gulf??? Hmm?

Let’s reverse this.

Imagine this for a second:

The Iranian Navy says an American boat was “unprofessional” and “provocative” by coming close to an Iranian destroyer off the coast of New York. It’s not the first time.

Everybody would be screaming: what the fuck is an Iranian destroyer doing so close to the United States???

The article should not be questioning why the Iranian boat was ‘provoking’ the American boat, it should be asking why the US needs to provoke Iran by sending ships so close to it, thousands of miles aways from the US coast….

There is no such thing as objective mainstream media, and by merely describing what happens day to day, the reader is manipulated, not so much by what is said, as by what is left out.

It’s the Americans that provoke the Iranians, not the other way around.

By the way, here’s a map showing American military bases around Iran.

Who is being provocative now?

american bases iran.jpg