Let my actions be driven by values and not by ego.

Let me work on what can be changed and let me humbly accept what cannot be changed.

Give me the wisdom to distinguish between the two.

Let what I do be ruled by a willingness to thrive and letting others thrive.

May the vain and egotistical not sabotage my drive out of spite.

Give me the empathy to unite with the willing, motivate the unwilling and avoid the ill-willed.

Let me focus on efficiency and productivity, not on getting flattery and attention or validation.

Let me learn new things, teach them and live them.

Give me strength to lead by example.

Let me serve something bigger than myself and find peace in that, not serve myself and boil in frustration.

Let me be consistent. Let me work even if I do not see any fruit immediately.

Give me the discipline to perform the necessary tedious tasks.

Let me perform my duties with focus in the service of a worthy cause.

May I speak the good I see in people.

May I spread love, peace, empathy and freedom.

May the world become a tiny bit better because I was here.