I have narcissistic tendencies, which I deal with every day and try to get out of my system somehow, which is a slow process, and I have come to understand narcissism better and better. I also spot it quicker in others. It takes one to know one.

I would not say we are indecisive, I would say we are fickle, and make decisions easily, but can easily change our decision if we notice that…

it does not give us the attention and external validation we are looking for.

In a way it also makes us adaptable chameleons, since narcissicm is a the wearing of a self-serving mask. A defensive strategy that one adapts quite likely at some point in one’s  early childhood. There is still a lot of debate as to why this happens exactly.

I would say we can be rash, and that we do not stick to decisions because it all depends on what we are getting in return for a decision in terms of praise, how society or individuals whose opinion matters to us, look at us, or how we think it makes us look.

On a side note, you can see this with Donald Trump for example, I am sure he has some real opinions, but he often contradicts himself because he goes for the answer and the decision that he thinks makes him look the best.

Narcissism seems to come in different shades.

I spot destructive narcissism and I spot charismatic narcissism. I suppose this is the same as saying that some use their drive to make themselves look good and extraordinary as a force for good, or as a force for destruction.

There is also the odd mix that is the self-hating narcissist. People who know they are narcissists and hate themselves for it and go to great lenghts to fight it, but they cannot fully escape the ego hunger it gives them.  I personally feel Kurt Cobain fit into that category. These people find it very hard to be happy, because if they get the attention they actively seek, they try to hide they were actively seeking it and pretend not to need it or to hate it, and when they do not get it, they complain they are not getting enough attention.

The trick is to use their incredible drive as a way to create something positive. If a charismatic narcissist is surrounded by solid, executive minded people who support the charismatic narcissist in his or her postively oriented plans to create their own legend, they can give birth to succesful organisations, businesses, products, etc.

There are also those who recognize they are narcissists and those who are oblivious to it – it took me 25 years to come to terms with this myself- and those who are in denial about it. It takes the edge of the whole damn thing if you simply come out of the self-obsessed closet with it. You cannot cure something you deny having.

This is NOT a scientific article, but my spontaneous, musing, answer to a question asked on Quora.