External validation. You must have at least one Facebook pal or gal who regularly posts sweaty selfies live from a gym to tank some sweet external validation. Possibly to replace the loss of fluids during all the sweating to make the selfies credible.

These people may have some psychological issues. Narcissicm, loneliness, manic depression… Something along those lines.

Selfies are never happy of course, since they are a clear sign something is lacking, an indication that the moment is not enough.

If the activity you’re engaged in makes you happy you do not post selfies, you’re too busy being happy.

According to the same studies people who posts a lot about their romantic partners suffer from low self esteem. The author of this post is guilty as charged. In my defence: my significant other tends to be nicer to look at than the typical gym and is rarely covered in sweat during picture time. I hope I won’t use my own children as external validation magnets when I have them. I see the destructive effects on children when I see other parents do this. Often the same ones who post the fitness selfies.

Articles like the ones below, point out the obnoxious or worrisome behavior, but the people doing this, rarely read these things nor do they pick up on the fact that they are the ones being described. It’s highly unlikely that narcissists will stop posting fitness selfies.

So to the surprisingly large number of people who keep liking those pics of needy narcissists:

Why not just stop liking those pics?

They will stop posting them, because the likes are all they’re after.

I’m narcissistic enough to know how a narcissist operates.

Do them a favor, cut them off from the validation supply.

They might actually start reflecting on the roots of their neediness. Not a pleasant process, but it can set you free from the external validation addiction. It might even lead you to do things for the sake of doing those things, because they fulfill you, regardless of approval.

Featured cartoon by John Holcroft, his website: http://johnholcroft.com/

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