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Danka X.jpgDanka VI.jpgWhile you’re sleeping, she is a couple thousand feet above you, making passengers comfortable with her characteristic smile. Danka is a stewardess, a job she’s totally passionate about. This lady is full of surprises, because  Danka is a devoted Catholic who derives her stability and determination from her faith in a higher power. She prays in church, but the gym is her temple. This girl works out like she means it, her sultry looks can testify to that. She’s landed her dream job, works hard on her dream body, she travels the world, but this cheerful, energetic and serenely traditional Slovak girl, is missing one important item on her wishlist. A good husband to share all her good fortune with. How can this gal still be single? We have no answer to that. God just works in mysterious ways…

Here are her answers to the 21 #thrive questions.

What is the one thing you could do today that would make everything else easier?

To plan my day better, so I can get in all my activities, time and friends. I would really like to do enough hugging, smiling and praying during my day.

Danka XII.jpg

What’s the most important project you’re working on right now?

A bikini fitness competition.

What are you grateful for?

My faith in God.

What is a decision you are absolutely committed to? What is something you absolutely want to accomplish?

I want to realize all my dreams and then I finally want to find the right guy for me and raise a family.

Danka VIII.jpg

What are the positive habits you are building right now?

A healthier lifestyle. I have to stop overating and I have to exercise with more sense. I also have to find time to relax and take walks in nature. I also shouldn’t drink 10 cups of coffee a day, 5 of which I drink with the cup in my hand running back and forth…

What have you learned recently?

The basic  etiquette rules. I sure know how to properly set a table now!

How do you want to feel today?

Exactly the way I’m feeling right now. Excited about every new day God gives me. Eager to become better than the person I was yesterday.

Danka XIV.jpg

How are you going to reward yourself today?

With good food!

What sort of people are you inviting into your life today?

People who need to be comforted, people who are cheerful, people who are hurrying through their day and people who are friendly.

Danka VII.jpg

Name a question you’d really like to see answered.

Will my dream come true tomorrow?

What does your ideal day look like?

I’m woken up by the sunlight and the sound of birds, at our place. I eat a healthy breakfast, brought to me in my bed by my beloved husband. I go for a run and I work out. Then I would read for at least one hour. I drink coffee and I learn something new. Then I will listen to music and play around with the dog. I will bake a cake and go for coffee with my friends. After a while my husband comes to pick me up, and we go for a romantic walk, dinner, a shower….

Danka IV

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

I’m not afraid.

If your life was a movie, what would be the title?

The girl who flew away.

What’s the best kind of business to get into right now?


Our current economic systemic widens the gap between the super rich and the rest of the world. What would a moral economy look like according to you? What can we do to distribute wealth more evenly?

I’m afraid that’s not possible to accomplish…

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Polgyamy or monogamy? And why?

Definitely monogamy, I will not share my partner.

What’s your one word?

Wanderer. I’m always discovering new places, I don’t have a place of my own. I don’t have a house, I don’t have a car, I don’t even have a cupboard! I’m always on the road, but hey, a rolling stone doesn’t gather moss!

What’s the shittiest thing you’ve ever done to someone?

Something I did right before answering these questions. I got on the bus to Prague. I spot an excellent seat, but there’s a shawl on it. I move the shawl and sit down. A couple minutes later a girl comes along. ‘Doesn’t it bother you that I had reserved this seat?’ And I go: ‘Nope.’ And I’m still sitting.

What’s the nicest thing you’ve ever done for someone?

The time I surprised my sister with a visit. She hadn’t seen me in years…

Danka XVI.jpg

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?

I get compliments, but those typical ones about nice eyes, beautiful hair, hot body.  I hardly even register them anymore. Let me think… Well, once my gynaecologist told me I had a beautiful uterus. Now that was an original compliment!

What advice would you give to your 20 year old self?

When I was still in college, I made a lot of bad decisions. With my partner. About my life. With my friends. I always messed something up. Yet in the end those mistakes made me the Danka I am today. So, I would tell my 20 year old self to just continue what she was doing, even if it looked disastrous at the time.

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