Not the Mother of Dragons (Game of Thrones reference), but the biggest non-nuclear bomb the US has at its disposal.

It dropped one on Afghanistan yesterday, Thursday, April the 13th, 2017.

It has a blast radius of one mile, but they tried to limit civilian casualties…

Price tag per unit: $16 million.

The US likes to bomb.

This is not because of Donald Trump, this is simply business as usual.

obama bombs

The US ‘solves’ one problem with bombs, and creates an other in the process.

In the eighties it supplied the Mujaheddin in Afghanistan with hightech weapons (stinger rockets for example) to defeat the Russians. The Russian defeat there contributed to the accelerated fall of the Soviet-Union.

Mission accomplished and the US refused to invest in the country. It was overly willing to supply it with weapons, it was not willing to make a real effort to help the country develop.

The bomb was dropped in the Achin district.  During the Soviet/Afghan war of the 1980s, it was a stronghold of the U.S. backed Mujaheddin… Now all of a sudden it’s teeming with ISIS criminals.  In 2000 the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime said the Achin district is the largest opium growing district in eastern Afghanistan.

Apparently, things didn’t go exactly according to plan (or maybe they did?? Hmm….).

It’s just my intuition, but I have the feeling that we would see less terrorism in the world if most of the money that goes to weapons right now would go into education….

A retired stock broker once told me: ‘Whenever the US bombs a country, the share holders would start cheering!’

If you have any shares connected to the armaments industry you have much to cheer about again.

biggest bomb what would you do

The US also claims it seeks the defeat of ISIS, but they are rather inconsistent about that goal, don’t you think?

Look at what Kerry had to say when the Russians intervened in Syria:

Syria ISIS

Some share holders of some companies in the military-industrial complex must be cheering ISIS on…