Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski: ‘So much of what is love, is fish love’

Why do you eat the fish?

Because I love fish.

That’s why you kill it, boil it, eat it.

You eat the fish because you love yourself.

In relationships we say we love someone, when that person caters to our needs, supplies us with something we lack, provides us with something we crave, functions as a crutch to our needy, crippled egos. When that person doesn’t fill that function, we ditch the person. When that person could potentially fulfill that function, but refuses, we are so hurt, we need to put distance between us and that person.

It cannot be happiness, if it depends on something or someone outside of yourself, as my good friend Jacob keeps telling me.

But that’s not where we look for happiness, we hunt it elsewhere.

We are a pernicious, egotistical, petty sort of species, aren’t we?

Especially those of us that like to pretend to be better.

The Ramones had a song, ‘Everybody’s got a poisoned heart.’

Mine is a toxic wasteland with a detox team that’s working over time, how about yours?