• They barge into a room and start talking about their own shit, without even noticing there’s a conversation taking place. They just yap on about their own stuff and everyone has to shut up and change the topic

• During any meeting they have to add something, they simply have to announce something, usually totally redundant stuff, just so people would notice them

• They are faultless, they always know best

• They will always find a way to claim you are wrong about stuff, even totally uninteresting, unimportant stuff, they do not realize how infuriating this habit is

• They never shut up and are hard to talk to, they love to hear themselves talk

• You can easily notice they are constantly comparing themselves to you or others to see if they are doing better than you

• They treat people they consider their inferiors, like the waiter, like total shit.

• They suck up to their superiors, but say nasty things about them behind their back

• They slip information into a conversation for no other reason than to look good (they think). For example: I got this amazing opportunity, but I didn’t take it because of this or that

• They broadcast what they consider to be their qualties

• There’s something about their voice that gives it away, they consciously make their voice sound differently, which sounds very inauthentic

• They always know best, and they always show the best example, they also think they are the best informed about any issue and they have the best opinion on everything, which they give if you ask for it or not

• They care a lot about titles and if they have titles they will often remind you of their titles

• They think they’re doing the most important job in the world

• They hate taking orders

• They want to appear to be working harder than anyone else

• They want to show everyone how thorough they are at their job and don’t realize that their effort to show how great they are actually hampers others to do their job

• They are stingy with compliments and if they give them it’s to get compliments back

• They are constantly and perpetually keeping score

• They take up a lot of space

• They are usually not very good at maintaining eye contact, because they are always afraid to be unmasked, to be perceived as weak

• They have very little self-awareness, they actually think they are doing the world a favor by being this way

This post is dedicated to the very dependable Jakub Tuhársky, who does very important work as a paramedic, has a lot of experiences to share, and is never arrogant about his job.

Never pick arrogant people for your team and