So, internally I felt like William Tecumseh Sherman himself was trampling my soul, burning and pillaging, and destroying everything of value, but even then I can find 5 awesome things. I like to sound a little dramatic at times, but that doesn’t make it any less true. Maybe at some point I will write a blog post about how you can still function when you are suffering more than you could imagine.

I’m also going to start dedicating posts to outstanding individuals, at the bottom of each blog post, so watch out for that little gimmick.

1. Teaching French

One of the students I teach English to wants to learn French. So he comes to my class after school and we go over the basics of French.

This blog wouldn’t be devoted to #thrive, if I would be someone to say no to such a request, even if I don’t get one cent extra for it, I don’t care. To see how excited the student is about learning French is enough.

After two lessons he can say where he’s from, where he lives, he can name the things he has in his room, can say his age, ask about all these things and he can count to 100.

Mind, French is BITCHINGLY DIFFICULT for a young Slovakian, but he’s highly motivated, because he chose to do this himself.

Who knows where it will take him?

If he ends up happily living in Paris one day because of some crackpot English teacher who saw his drive and taught him the basics of French, then that will probably mean more than most of the stuff I do during a day…

2. Some of my students are selling our book

As you may have heard we have published a book.

I have this deal with my students: sell the book for 15, keep 5 euro and give me ten. They make 5 euro per book they sell.

I think this is a pretty good deal. In each group there are only a couple of people who take this opportunity.

Which is fairly consistent with what we see in society. About 1 in 15 will immediately act upon a good opportunity, the rest just lets it slide.

By the way, most shitty jobs in Slovakia pay three euro per hour…

3. Running is cheaper than therapy

After years of not running, something I used to do like a maniac, ask Benjamin Bossaert, I am finally running again.

The unbelievable pain am going through is the fuel. So you see, everything has its upside…

4. If it ain’t raining, we ain’t training

I particularly like to go running when it rains, because then I have the running track to myself.

The pussies stay home, because pussies don’t like to get wet.

5. No alcohol, no coffee

Am very serious about not drinking either drug. I quit coffee in the 17th of March and I quit alcohol on the 18th of March.

Last time I quit it lasted about a year. I want to smash that record.

I don’t want to go into the details about why I had such a disastrous week, but I never want to go through something like that ever again. So am using the whole thing as fuel to build the best me. Build the best you is a slogan of London Real, an internet show that inspires me to keep up Project Authenticity.

So, the person am dedicating this blog to is…

Christián Marušák.

Keep up the good work! It’s awesome you are so motivated to learn French.

Bonne nuit!