‘Every time I sell myself to you I feel a bit cheaper than I need to.’ (Asking for it, Hole)

The variant that’s a bit more easy is when she basically tells you to get lost. If she repeats that a couple of times with conviction. You go. You deal with it. You recover.

The more difficult variant is when you’re dealing with Madame Bovary or Scarlett O’Hara.

When she doesn’t appreciate nor seems to have a need for what you have to offer her, no matter how wide open you throw your heart for her.

What is the time to throw in the towel with the Cupid motive then?

Ten rejections?


What if there’s clearly something between you, but she refuses to see it or to deal with it?

How long can you put up with a lop-sided relationship?

How long are you going to besiege her castle?

With how much dignity can you still leave?

Never regret trying.

Always be glad you were true to your feelings. So few people are.

Never leave in anger though.

Always leave her better than you found her.

If you have cherished her, as you claimed you did, then at least bid her

an affectionate farewell.

That’s a clue the love was real, even if it was unwanted.

A song to top it off: