Rarely do we truly commit to something. Often we do just the minimum amount of effort to be able to claim ‘at least I tried, but it didn’t work out’, when we meet a person we like and one thing goes wrong, we walk away, we don’t commit. When struggle with a new language, we give up, we don’t bother to spend two focussed hours to figure out the basic grammar structure of a language (really, it doesn’t take that much longer to get a basic insight in the grammar of a foreign language, if you truly focus, but who ever bothers if a teacher doesn’t kick them to it?). We learn one guitar accord and quit. We stare ten seconds at a math problem and say: ‘I can’t do this.’ When we find our passion at 50, we think, ah, it’s too late, I’m old, I’m not going back to college, what for?

When it comes to money, we only think in terms of getting a job and being satisfied selling 40 hours a week for a merely average income.

What an unsatisfying life it is, to dabble through things, to not go all the way to make someone a part of your life, to not work every single day on what you claim is your passion or your goal.

I don’t like the ‘hate’ part in the Henry Rollins  quote, but I agree with the rest.

If you want to do something only by half, then either find a reason to do it fully, or move on to something that you will go the whole nine yards for.

Why live hesitatingly, if you can live intensily and embrace whatever or whomever it is that makes you want to get up in the morning? Who cares if it’s hard? You won’t appreciate anything that comes easy anyway.

Love to death what you do.

The reward is in fully committing to something of your choice.

And get some goose bumps listening to this guy, work horse and motivational fireball Gary Vaynerchuck: