And what does that say about you?

It was a question in a book.

I thought of the five movies I like and wrote them down.

At first I could not see a connection.

A guy in a skirt fighting for freedom and a mathematical genius who does not want to use his gift, but instead spends his time boozing with his friends, a guy who wants to die, accidentally does something brave, and goes on to live with indians, a guy with a low IQ who goes on to have a huge impact on people because of his big heart and sweet natured wisdom and a teacher who has unorthodox methods and gets fired.

There does not seem to be a common topic at all.

Until I thought about the personalities and the motivations of the main characters.

All 5 main characters care a lot about people.

They all refuse to do things that are expected to them, they don’t do things just because everyone else does them. So a common theme is deviancy from the norm.

Just watch this for example.

They all stand for freedom and going through life following your gut feeling, even if it gets you gutted, like Wallace in Braveheart.

Still, I struggle to find one word linking them that could help me focus on less things and be more clear as to what it is I truly want to pursue. It is about time I find it, because am often so overflooded with thoughts that are screaming for my attention that I barely function anymore.

Perhaps it is social freedom like Sacha Daygame promotes, that I want to highlight.

Perhaps it is a moral economy like Bernie Sanders stands for.

Perhaps it is staring me right in the face and it is healing trauma.

Perhaps it is about seduction, but I do not think it is.

Perhaps it is entertainment.

Perhaps it is doing anything to foster political debate.

Perhaps it is telling stories.

Perhaps it is bringing people together to create a way of life that makes more sense.

Perhaps it is a new pedagogical method or system.

It would be nice to limit myself to ONE thing, because if I am an army, then my forces are spread very thin indeed.