This guy explains it really well, in a nice and calm manner. See video below.

The essence:

– it’s all about being self-confident, about showing her you are emotionally strong, so you won’t be a burden, and will be able to make her feel happy

– it’s not really about muscles, clothes or money, those are nice extras, but meaningless to her if you don’t bring real self-confidence to the table

– if you have and display the right traits during a conversation she has no ‘defence’ against feeling sexual attraction, it’s automatic, it’s just as automatic as you feeling sexual attraction towards a physically attractive woman

– whereas all she needs to do – initially- is look beautiful, you have to display certain personality traits that trigger sexual attraction. If you have them, it’s nearly instant, a two minute conversation will have her feeling sexual attraction

The bad news: it’s not as ‘easy’ as going to the gym every day. It’s actually a brutally painful road for most of us that requires a lot of self-insight and honesty and if you’re lucky, mentorship.

The good news: it requires a lot of work on your self and it will make you a better person.