1. Am finally losing weight on the no sugar bachelor diet!

The rules are simple. You can eat whatever you like, except stuff that contains a lot of sugar. No chocolate, no cereals, no candy bars, no sodas, no yoghurt, nothing like that. And very little or no bread. Certainly no bread with any marmelade or anything like that.


French fries, baked cheese, milk, coffee, potato chips (preferably stolen or received from students) and carrots. You need to add some vegetables to the mix or you’re just clogging your arteries, right?

Throw in the occasional steak for iron intake and proteins.

My stomach hasn’t been this flat in years, and it’s still getting flatter. I want to get as lean as back in 2007. Ten fat years ago. When my girlfriend at the time wanted to take me to the beach so she could show off my abs. We were only together to boost our own fragile egos, you see. I’m kinda sorry for that, but not really, it was kinda juicy while it lasted.

Ok, no, I am definitely sorry for some things my fvcked up ego did to her. Y’all should know I am still not a saint, but I don’t do that kind of repulsive stuff anymore.

So yes, I am sorry.

You know who’s also sorry?

2. Sacha Daygame is sorry

Sacha Daygame is a womaniser/babnik/suknickar/zenskar/rokkenjager (God, Dutch is such an ugly, spineless language…) and in this recent video he apologizes to a girl named Lara. I’m not sure if it’s sweet or reeks of douchebag and I’m a kinda of a fan of this dude. Check it out for yourself.

3. I’m getting tired of the motivation mania

I’ve gone to Facebook and started scrolling and I’ve copied the first motivational status update I’ve come across:

‘We spend close to 100,000 hours of our lives in business or work. So we had better be doing something we love to do, otherwise we waste a huge chunk of our lives doing something we aren’t passionate about.’

I’m yawning so hard you can fit an average sized baby in my mouth. (Please don’t)

So many people spam Facebook and other social media with motivational quotes. God, damn it, these ‘5 awesome things a day’ posts are also part of this manic ‘the sky is the limit, folks, stay hungry!!!’

I’m all for self-actualisation, accomplishing something, but can we stop the hysterical motivational screaming already?

Because guess what:

If you’re making a very long Facebook status update about how you are throwing yourself 5000 percent at building your business, working your ass off, and you want more, more, more, and you’ll never quit, guess what you’re really doing:

You’re begging for attention on Facebook and you’re not building any sort of business.

That’s why I sort of like this article by a guy who walked out on Tony Robbins.

The article is fair, it’s not a hatchet job.

I’m a fan of Tony Robbins, the dude will never know he changed my life.

But I so do not want to go to any of his seminars where people are simply pumped full of mass hysteria and get very litle actual value, I think. Tony is just selling all American feel good stuff. He’s an excellent showman.

I prefer his books. I do skip the parts about alkaline diets and shit like that.

But the guy did help me realize what I want in life and he certainly helped me deal with setbacks. So thank you Tony, and for those who do attend his seminars: you could have jumped up and down for three days yelling ‘I’ at home, don’t you think?

Unless you wanted to spare the neighbours, which would be cool of you.

As to motivation, look, if you really, truly, deeply want something, just pay whatever price you need to pay to get it.

No pain, no gain.

4. People don’t give a pigeon’s beak about facts

(the expression ‘to not give a rat’s ass’ is getting stale)

What the well-meaning politicians don’t seem willing to consider or realize is that people DO NOT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THE TRUTH.

I see so many gifted, smart, famous people do not do anything else anymore than countering every lie President Donald Trump utters. The guy is to lies what a German made machinegun is to bullets, so you can imagine that they spend most of their days undermining every lie that leaves his anus shaped mouth.

And it’s so pointless.

Yes, the dude is a pathological liar.

And his fans DO NOT CARE.

They did not vote for him because he got the facts right.

They voted for him because of what he represents, the feelings he stirs in them, they don’t care about any facts.

I wish the well-meaning politicians would adopt some of his strategy. Theoretically it’s quite easy, you just need lots of self-confident body language, not facts.

Plus, by giving all that attention to President Trump you should make him bigger.

I keep returning to this quote, when during the American Civil War general Lee was again putting the scare into the yankees general Grant got mad and said:

‘Stop thinking about what Lee can do this and start thinking about what we can do to him.’

God damn it, it’s so ridiculously infantilizing to constantly bitch and complain about President Trump. If you don’t like him then offer an alternative and ignore him.

Robert Reich, you’re very intelligent, and you’re smaller than me, so in a way you make me feel good about myself, but you’ve started BORING me.

It’s gotten to the point that president Trump has become more entertaining than his bashers… THAT is scary.

Here’s a video from the time Robert Reich was not boring, in the pre-President Trump era.

5. The support women are willing to give is simply stunning

In a somewhat desperate attempt to get my mind off a certain lady I’ve met the following women in the last two weeks (and also to score free lessons of Slovak, I’ll admit):

Petra, Joanna, Lulu, Andrea I, Andrea II, Livia, Linda, Klara and Betka.

The mission predictably failed, sure, but the willingness to listen, to comment, the feedback I got on many different issues, their carefulness, and their profound views on society, were simply awesome.

They were very observant, displayed an uncanny ability to guess the mood I was in, knew what I wanted, guessed what was bothering me and all of them were direct and fun.

It also made me realize once again how international Bratislava is, because out of these nine women one is Hungarian, one is Greek, one is Czech and one is Croatian.

At least seven of these women have studied abroad.

I think there was never an age in which women had so many opportunities to develop themselves and they are actually taking these opportunities, as opposed to many of their male peers.

I keep hearing and seeing examples of guys who destroy themselves by playing video games…

That’s one avenue of escapism I have permanently closed off for myself.