1. The perfect excuse to get a wonderful woman a flower

12819416_1146637215387860_6106701920115921524_oAt one of the schools I’m teaching I’ve met one of the most diplomatically talented women I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. I’m totally sure she does not read this blog, but if you happen to know her, I would like to say she is the linchpin of the Adlerka highschool. I suspect she contributes much more to the smooth operation of the school than people realize.

Her name is Mrs. Sekáčová and putting a smile on her face by presenting her with a flower and getting two kisses from her was one of the better moments of my day.

There, you can all know. Hurray for Sekáčová . She’s great. 

2. I’ve mentioned a wonderwoman, now over to the 15 wonderboys of ID

With I D we talked about psychology, values and universal basic income. All in English. I mean, I’ve known college students who couldn’t say one coherent sentence about any of these topics. These guys are 15 and they simply rock. They have an advanced sense of humor, always surprise me with the quality of their questions and remarks, seem genuinely interested when we talk about complicated things, and the more complicated the topic the more they seem to like it. Teaching can certainly feel like one bitch of a job at times, but on the other extreme you think: am I really being paid to talk with these guys?

Patrick, Miso I & 2, Pulpy, Brano, Jaro, David, Matus (sorry for misspelling your name, my computer is not suited to write Slovak names), Ozzy (double Z?), Matej, Jakub, Robocop, Samko, Jim ‘Peter’ Morrison and Sir Andrew, you guys make teaching a breeze.

3. ‘You can’t buy love, but you pay heavily for it’, Leo Van Heesewijk

No comment, except this:

4. The second best Teacher movie I know: Detachment

It’s brutal, it’s brutal because it’s the only movement to truly capture what it’s like to try and teach people who throw their own potential out the window.

The best quote is something like: ‘You are all the victims of a marketing holocaust!’

The people I love are oddly immune to this marketing holocaust poison. (Worthy of a separate blog post)

Here are some scenes, my top favorite is the gut wrenching melt-down of the teacher starting round minute 4:00.

PS. Adlerka, here in Bratislava, is a teacher’s heaven compared to the vicious atmosphere in many other schools, especially in the US, but also in Belgium.

5. True Grit :: The  women in my Dutch class

I have 5 women in my Dutch class on Wednesdays. I always want to take a picture of them, but I always forget, and today only threeof them will come in, two of them are on a trip to Prague, so I won’t be taking a group photo today either.

I’ve got them a bounty, a twix and a snickers bar for International Women’s Day.

In three months time they have totally nailed the basics of Dutch.

It just shows what motivation will do.

I hate it when I hear people bitch and say: ‘Ow, I don’t know anything about history, I didn’t have a good teacher in highschool’, I’m sorry, but it’s not one way traffic. Teaching is a two way street. A motivated student will suck the blood out of a teacher, even a mediocre one.