1. Few things depress me more than Twitter

Nothing on internet can quite copy the experience of being in a crowded bar where everybody is yelling over the pounding generic muzak without anyone having an actual conversation like Twitter can and will.

So, luckily, I have reached my ‘follow limit’. Apparently you can follow only 5,000 people and then you have to either unfollow some people to follow new ones, or you have to wait to have more followers yourself before you can follow more people.

For months I have had the habit of following back anything that might follow me. On Twitter I mean, I’m not running around following back hungry kittens, pigeons or homeless people.

None of those ‘followers’ want to ‘follow’ me, they just want me to follow them back, and when I do they want me to go to their Facebook page and/or click on their website.

It says a lot that the current US president used Twitter as his main campaign tool.

In a way that just says everything about the sort of vapid drab you can expect on Twitter.

I’ve switched off all Twitter notifications. Every minute I spend on Twitter is one sentence less of my novel in progress.

2. New arrivals

What can get me out of bed on a Saturday morning? Going to the most office to pick up newly arrived books. Today’s ‘harvest’.


3. Bratislava = Beautislava

Slovaks don’t like Bratislava. An enigma. Relatively quiet streets once you get off the busiest roads. Full of bars, restaurants and nice little coffee places. I love this place. I think it’s a cultural thing. If you’re Slovak you have to hate Bratislava. Slovaks also associate Bratislava with depression. There’s a probably a reason for this. I suspect Slovaks are happiest when they are in some chalet up in the mountains getting drunk off their asses. Especially the men.


4. The failure of formal education

What you learn while having fun, you remember.

I don’t understand why education should be boring, superficial, and amputated from pretty much all that makes us human outside of a classroom. Therefore I liked this cup. I think it’s more effective than convential representations of English grammar, but for some reason it would be more than frowned upon if a school teacher were to actually use this in class.

The failure of formal education.JPG

Lots of Slovaks tell me by the way that a highschool degree means nothing around here, it’s a formality, and to fail you have to fatally injure one of the more popular examinators.

Is this an awesome thing?

Yes, because today we live in an age where you can make your own way. You don’t need to depend on school, you have every tool available to go and build a succesful business. Isn’t that great? School is playing catch-up with our liberating digitalized world and it’s way, way behind. Don’t fret, see the upside.

5. The rarity that is a truly stimulating conversation

This week I have chatted with someone who partly denies the Holocaust. Not some crackpot person, a person you would call normal, very fun person to be around with I might even add.

I have been stalked or trolled, whatever you may call it, it was disturbing.

I have heard about the monk who started sending my friend – who needed peace of mind above all – cupido messages…

I have heard lots and lots of sad stories about western, egocentric, pampered self-indulgence.

I have received plenty of sad messages from people who somehow do not find a place for themselves or expect happiness to magically land at their door step.

I have seen plenty of folks ignoring the fact that the way you perceive the world is often a reflection of your self-image.

I have talked to quite a few people who denigrated themselves in harsh -albeit unoriginal- terms.

So when someone has that spark of passion to actually do something, to actually reflect about something bigger than themselves and to try and pass that passion on,  that person sweps me away and leaves me enriched.

If you are one of those rare conversational gems, thanks.