1. This video by Sasha Daygame is awesome :: I’m Fvcked Up!

    Here’s some terrific news: Everyone is fvcked up. ‘Unless your parents are enlightened gurus, you are fvcked up. We are so damaged, we have no idea.’

    Sasha Daygame is most known for his videos in which he literally runs after women in the street. He stops them, sometimes he stops the same woman several times, he introduces himself and he asks them out on dates. He’s also a stand-up comedian, and he says he had an awful childhood, with an abusive mum who gave him no love and degraded him. I can’t even begin to imagine what that must have caused. Perhaps that’s why he has such an inordinate need to seduce women. But here’s on a path towards more awareness, he’s trying to understand why he is the way he is, and he’s getting to understand that low self-esteem and insecurities are one of the pillars of our current economic system. Read this for example:


    Lately I’ve been noticing a weird little pattern, either I meet people who I want to spend more time with than they with me, or I meet people and they want to spend much more time with me than I want to spend with them. Luckily I still have very balanced friendships, but it’s a pattern nonetheless. And it’s weird to see how needy people can get towards you and what that in turn does to us: somebody’s happiness depends on me? Weird! Then at the same time I notice a hole inside myself that I don’t know how to fill exactly -I sort of have an idea- and sometimes I meet someone and I think: hey, I don’t feel that hole anymore and I want to spend more time with that person. But when I experience this from the other side, I think: You can never put this much of a burden on others!!! And so I give everyone around me space.

    I love it when someone is not afraid to be genuinely vulnerable. Watch the video here.

    Also watch this video of Sasha Daygame, it will show you how silly it is that we don’t talk to strangers. He breaks through all sorts of silly barriers we don’t even realize are there in our every day life. And he does it in Budapest! So close to Bratislava, he gets bonus points for that. I also love the soundtrack of the video.

    Oh, at first I couldn’t stand his voice, but now I just fvcking love it.

2. How about taking some walls down?

Ok, so maybe I have an above average interest in getting to know people – I even do it for a living -, but I just love it when someone throws everything they’ve got into an interaction, without trying to impress you or without trying to elicit sympathy.

The song that has to go with this? Come as you are, by Nirvana. Of course, of course, of course!

No, it’s not cum as you are, but people don’t do enough of that either, although sexual content is rampant in our society, most people are sexually frustrated. Isn’t that a paradox?

Watch less porn, tear down more walls.

Coffee makes my thoughts jumpy.


3. Word or phrase of the day: A Parthian shot

I was talking to one of my best friends today (yes, yes, you’re one of my best friends, stop blushing now) and the phrase ‘a Parthian shot’ came up.

This is the definition:

‘a sharp, telling remark, act, gesture, etc., made in departing.’
This is the origin:
so called from the ancient Parthian cavalry’s habit of shooting arrows rearward at the enemy while in real or feigned flight’ 
See picture:
I love English.
Someone told me she thinks my English is a bit too complicated, but hey, I was trying to impress you at the time. These days I just try to make you smile, you petite pensive workoholic.

4. The digital revolution has already happened!!!

I get excited about stuff and am not ashamed to show.

Look at this!


5. There’s a severe dirth (=lack) of Vagitarians :: Keep calm and date a vagitarian

Yesterday I talked to three women about sex. Women love to talk about sex. They were all complaining about not getting enough cunnilingus. Y’all, it’s 100 percent bio. Wanna save the planet? Mangez bio. Eat bio foods.
Oh, if you’re shocked by this post, ask yourself if you are as shocked by this as much as you are by violent shooting scenes in hollywood movies. If this shocks you more, then…. I am shocked.
Now go forth and make someone smile.