1. The ups and downs of a liberal teaching style :: Mistaking kindness for weakness versus Treat them like nobility and they will become nobility

Look, I love my students. I mean, I love my students. If I can do something for them, I will. Within reason of course, but if I think it can motivate them, give them healthy self-esteem, help them see their potential, there’s a big chance I’ll do it.

This isn’t the best example, but it’s the only one I have on YouTube, if I think impersonating Hitler will somehow have a positive effect on my students, I’ll do it. I’m an advocate of getting to know your students. Sure, drill sergeants can teach you stuff too, but will they give you the chance to cherish a subject? I think not.

Most of them, I would say, thrive on an older person seeing great potential in them.

But there’s a downside, those who are hooked on videogames and want to be slackers, they jump right at the opportunity they think is there.

Just compare these two pieces of homework. The assignment was the same. Write me a short email telling me about your holiday plans. I know these two students have about the same level of English, but they certainly don’t have the same output. One is motivated, the other is not. Both are trying to be funny. One pulls it off.

Student X

I will be sleeping. I will be playing games.
I will be sleeping. I will be playing games.
I will be sleeping. I will be playing games.
I will be sleeping. I will be playing games.
I will be sleeping. I will be playing games.

Student Y

I was watching cartoons yesterday.

I am watching cartoons right now.

I have watched all of the episodes from 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th,6th,7th,8th,9th,11th,12th,13th,14th,15th,16th,17th,18th,19th,20th season.
I will be watching some more of them today later.
I had been watching them for 2 hours yesterday.
I watch them almost every day.
I will have watched some more of them by you read this sentences.
I have been watching them since last year.
You will be giving marks on this i think.
I will not write another sentence.
Student X will be surprised this liberal teacher can switch into quite a different gear when presented with this kind of underwhelming goofball performance.
You know why this kinda hurts? The boy is GOOD at English and is a bright guy.
By the way, he’s being 100 percent honest. He will alternate between sleeping and gaming and gaming and sleeping. Was I that much different at his age?
Well yeah, I’ve almost hated sleeping.

2. The Biggest Joy in Life, or, Depression is an egocentric straightjacket

Today, wherever I went, I tried hard to see the good in people, to give genuine compliments and to make the day of the ones I love memorable with little, custom made acts of kindness. Not in a cramped neurotic way, but in a spontaneous way.
Result: I’ve been smiling most of the day!
Having one of my articles or stories read. A big joy? Of course.
Sex where you really connect and are not masturbating with a person present? Blissful, yes.
Runner’s high? Damn good. (It’s just the get up and go part that always gets in my way…)
Making someone you love happy with some tokens of affection? Hands down the biggest joy.

3. The orgasm of the book purchase

One of my little pleasures is walking over to the post office and unwrapping the books that have arrived. Today I got two books about how our brains work and one about Sherman’s destructive and war winning march from Atlanta to the sea. It’s ok if you’ve never heard about any Sherman, I have a strongly developed geek side and I’m not afraid to admit it.

4. The wonderfully candid Quora answer to the question: ‘Why don’t most women like men to ejaculate inside them?’


Susan James writes: “I don’t know about most women but I love to have guys ejaculate in my vagina. I love the feeling when they get close and start to lose control, when they start to pound me really hard and then fall over the edge and release themselves into me, gasping and shuddering and groaning. I love the feeling of taking their cum deep inside me, of them releasing their load in my deep innermost being.

That said, I’m very careful about who I let cum inside me. I only do it with a guy I really trust and have known a long time, that has had a vasectomy and has a current STD test. I save it as a treat for a special guy and occasion. I usually have a guy cum in my mouth because it’s safer (both pregnancy and STD wise) and because I love giving head so much.”

I’m a bit worried about her attitude towards STD’s, since you can contract a bunch of very nasty and potentially fatial STD’s from getting ejaculate in your oral cavity, but still, just a straightforward answer.

Read her answer on Quora here.

5. A person can really get to you, but, to a far lesser degree, so can a place

Here in Bratislava I have some thing going on with a lake. These days it’s frozen and I upbraid myself every day for not running around it, at least 10 times…