1. Coffee can’t kill you and protects you against prostate cancer

Look, I wouldn’t mind dying of cancer, if I were diagnosed with cancer right now I would obstinately refuse all kind of treatment, however, I do not wish to have prostate cancer, thank you very much. Luckily, I’m the biggest consumer of coffee I know.

Oh, and you would have to drink 70 cups of coffee within 24 hours in order to die from an overdosis, which is impossible. Quaff o quaff the black pond!



2. Flirting makes you forget the hooks in your heart

Can’t get over someone? Flirt with someone else. It doesn’t unhook you, but it makes it more bearable.

If ever elusive Aquarius women are the ones that almost nonchalantly throw intellectualized fairy dust on my dazed and confused head, then Scorpio women really put their claws in me, in full force and intentionally. So thank your lucky stars if from time to time you bump into a Scorpio, though I don’t recommend being in a long term relationship with them, they will always end up chewing you up and spitting you out. But for the short term? Nothing short of transcendental.

Luckily there are level-headed, sensual, exclusive and committed Capricorn women to keep me stable and somewhat cooled down.




PS I used to think astrology was total bullshit, but I notice time and time again that if you read the best information about the characteristics of the 12 signs, they almost always fit in very uncanny ways… I have no explanation for this. I doubt it has anything to do with the position of the planets though, I’m sure there’s some explanation for it.

3. The best you can do for students is to accept them as they are and to support them

After class today I sat down with one musically gifted student who’s very worried about passing mathematics. I told him that I often skipped the maths exam and then in the next semester I would frantically study and pass anyway. Told him he’s clearly intelligent enough to pull this off as well. I hope he took heart from that.

4. Story-telling is the best teaching method

If you tell my students a story drawn from real life you can hear a pin drop to the ground.

And you know why we love stories?

Because we love overcoming challenges and character growth. Which is what stories are all about.

5. I saw a lot of good people today

Most people I meet are genuinely good-nature. They are not malignant, are not out to cause harm, are very understanding, will help you out if you need something and respectfully ask for help. As long as people feel respect and don’t feel threatened by you they will almost always be willing to determine a common goal and work towards that common goal.