1) A long conversation with a good friend about some rather bizarre ideas she had about men and sex

Hope I dispelled some myths there…. Thanks for the insight in the female mind. I am now 100 percent sure I’ll go to my grave without ever fully understanding what it must be like to be a woman. The mystery keeps things exciting. I’ll never grow tired of learning a tiny bit more.

2) A violin player tells me she wants to quit the violin and runs into my new tactic to handle quitters 

I simply told her to quit immediately. If she’s born to play the violin she will continue no matter how many people will tell her to quit.

Do you have a thing you can’t quit?

I’m not talking about an addiction, I’m talking about a calling.

No, those voices telling you to eat the chocolate cake are not a calling. Yes, you can have the chocolate cake. I’m on a diet, see number 5.

3) Some of my students are funny, so funny that one class is like a comedy academy

How do you count cows?

With a cowculator.

Ok, maybe you should have been there…

Also, I added a picture of a buffalo to this post, because the look of cows creeps me out.

Yes, really.

Never fails to remind me of certain people.

Ok, now I’ve gone and insulted cows. My bad.

3.1) A budding artist came to tell me she can do the artwork for a boardgame we are developping

I love encouraging young talent and enterprising spirit. Which is kinda hard, because our obsolete school system kills creativity and wrecks initiative.

4) I totally overslept this morning but arrived on time AND went running for the first time in a long time 

I had the advantage that the snow is gone, otherwise I couldn’t have run to the tram stop.

5) I’m on a zero sugar diet

Which is surprisingly easy if you eat eggs.