You lose weight. I don’t care about all the criticism this diet gets. On the internet there’s no concensus about anything, not even about the existence of the moon.

I’ve read about how it’s just about cals in and cals out, no matter where you get those cals from. That’s also true by the way, if you eat 500 calories less than what you actually need to maintain weight, you can eat anything you want and you’ll lose weight in a healthy way AND your metabolism won’t slow down. If you go on a crash diet your metabolism slows down to try and cope with this and as soon as you start eating regular meals again you’ll gain weight about as fast as an alcoholic starts shaking if he doesn’t get a drink in the morning. By the way, if you want to lose weight: cut the alcohol from your diet. Some say one glass of alcohol a day is fine, but I myself am an abstainer, I find it easier to get rid of something entirely than to limit myself to moderation. If you’re an abstainer like me don’t fool yourself into thinking one piece of chocolate won’t hurt, you’ll eat at least a pound of it after that one piece.

Maybe I lose weight on a low carb diet, because I just eat less cals. That’s very well possible. Then it means this just works for me, and my sin is: carbs. I can easily eat two loaves of bread a day and clean out a jar of nutella. Easily. I can eat three pizza’s a day (for breakfast…) So yes, perhaps this says more about me and carbs than about a low carb diet in general. For me it works.

Also, I seem to become a little cranky on a diet. Which is better than having the blues, because I tend to drown myself in self-loathing if I overeat (usually carbs, as we’ve covered already).

So after about 22 years of obsessing about my weight:

-healthy diet = eat 500 cals less than what you need, and avoid crash diets

-exercise by itself doesn’t make you lose weight, but if you build muscle, you need more cals in a day. Perhaps you’ll even gain weight, but you’ll look and feel a lot slimmer.

-if you’re an abstainer like me (which is: someone who doesn’t know what moderation even means) you better cut out stuff you gorge yourself on entirely

-good quality green tea helps (the supermarket tea bag kind is crap though)

-on the psychological side of things: if you feel you can’t control much in your life, you start obsessing about food, because you can control that, if nothing else. Are you on a diet or do you feel caged in life? A good question to ask if you’re making radical changes to your food pattern.

-my energy levels are more stable on a low carb diet and I do not constantly crave food, even though I’m a little hungry. When I eat lots of carbs I can feel full and STILL want to eat more, more, more.

Live an authentic day!

PS Eggs can’t kill you or I’d already be dead, I eat them almost every day. I’ll let you know if my gall bladder needs to be removed, but so far eggs have been great food for me. They are also chock full of antibiotics and cure lots of diseases. No, I’m kidding, I hate the fact they have antibiotics in them, but our balconies are too small to have a chicken coop and have eggs of our own…