Apart from working 9-1 today, I want to write. I need to write. I’m thankful I have someone in my life who is now pushing me to do this (thankyou, William. I am grateful for that). Really, the title is just being humourous because of how I look in the photo below…

I’m convinced tea in a gigantic mug is something every writer needs to have…or coffee in a gigantic mug, if that’s your thing…

I’m not really feeling dishevelled and once I sit down and start typing, I know all will be good…

What is the one thing you can do today to really get closer to your goals?


Other things you absolutely want to focus on today:

Reading, getting my yoga practice done, going for another run. The one I went on last night felt good. 

How can you create more value today than you did yesterday?

By writing

What new approach can you try to come closer to your dream life?

Not having that fear that when I sit down to write, nothing will flow out of me. I just have to think about it and the words will be there.

What made you feel happy, in flow, recently?

Writing, getting an email this morning from William that really pushed to keep writing. 

I am grateful for:

– My partner

-Really awesome friends


I’m really excited about:

Honestly? Going to the Henry Ford museum this Friday.

These are the most important habits I’m building:

To write on a daily basis, both working on a couple novels as well as updating at least one of the blogs I’m part of.

Stuff I did right:

I did write yesterday, more than I usually do. It was good. I started my page on medium: https://medium.com/@civilwarfangirl, I went for a run and ran up a huge hill (this was an accomplishment)

New ideas:

I love the idea of writing a novel with a Civil War theme (not set in the Civil War) where there are two different times being looked at and drawing parallels between the two characters. It’s a romance, which I’d never thought I’d write but hey, it seems to be working for me.

The idea of being back on Medium again (thanks, William) is cool.

Some things I decide to do, no matter what:

As always, yoga

Drink tea


And now…write. It’s going to become part of my daily routine.

Things I’ve learned:

Running does not hurt my body as much as I thought it would…as long as I do yoga right after

How do you want to feel today?

Overall? Inspired. Positive. 

How do you want to treat others today?

Like I always do…with positivity

How are you going to reward yourself today?

Writing. As hard as it sometimes is to sit down and write, it’s rewarding when you get ideas down onto paper.

Going for another run. My runs are short but I run down by the water and it’s incredibly calming and it clears my mind.

What kind of people are you inviting into your life today?

People that push me to help reach my goals. Positive people. Like minded people.

What is the single most important thing in your life? 

Again…same as yesterday…LOVE

Ask yourself a question that could really move you forward if you had the answer:

Is writing two pages a day really that daunting?


Remind yourself of your vision. What does your ideal day look like?

Writing, yoga, reading, working out, spending time with friends.